SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Acton, MA

If you are a student in Acton, MA preparing for the SAT or ACT, participating in one of Livius Prep’s exam test prep programs will be invaluable. With 24 to 36 hours of recommended tutoring, we have seen our students improve their ACT scores by 6 points on average.

Why Livius Prep

SAT / ACT Exam Test Prep Acton, MAWe have helped thousands of students improve their ACT and SAT scores since our inception in 1984. With over 30 years of industry experience and knowledge you will receive tips and strategies that have been well refined. We can assist you in preparing for the whole test or just the parts you are struggling with.

Livius Prep will provide you with superior academic tutoring. We employ strategic methods for solving and understanding problems unlike online portals offered by other companies and tutors.  At Livius Prep we offer:

  • Session notes for parents
  • Personal attention from experts
  • Proprietary curriculum, strategies, and books
  • One-on-one private tutoring
  • Small-group classes
  • Experienced tutors with master’s or doctoral degrees

Determining which test is right for you will be your only concern.

What is the ACT?

Simply put, the ACT is a standardized test necessary for college admission if you choose it over the SAT. Like the SAT, all universities and four year colleges accept this exam for entrance purposes. It measures your ability to achieve in the areas of Science, Reading, Mathematics, and English. There is also an optional writing section.

Nationally, more students take the ACT than the SAT. Test scores are part of the top deciding factors to influence admission decisions. However, colleges do not typically prefer one test over the other.

What is the SAT?

Every college in the United States accepts SAT scores for the purpose of admissions. It is a standardized test taken by high school juniors and seniors who are striving for a college education. The test measures ability in the areas of Math (with and without a calculator), Writing and Language, and Reading. Like the ACT, there is an optional essay portion.

The SAT is unique in that is also includes specific subject area options. These test your skills in 20 different subjects that fall under five categories: Languages, Science (e.g. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), History (U.S. and World), English Literature, and Mathematics.

Take a Practice Test

If you’re not sure which of these tests is right for you, we suggest you take the Livius Prep SAT Actual Condition Practice Test and ACT Actual Condition Practice Test to assist you in that decision.

These tests are designed to match both tests to make the experience as realistic as possible. You will be able to see what the questions and timing allotted is like and you will know where you stand prior to taking the real exams.

Regardless of the test you decide upon, a Livius Prep tutor will help you identify and rectify your areas of weakness so that your scores will improve when it is time for the actual test.

Consider SAT/ACT exam test prep in Acton, MA at Livius Prep. Call us at 800-428 TEST (800-428-8378) to explore your options.