PSAT Tutoring Wellesley, MA

A top PSAT score opens the doors to the National Merit Scholarship program and signals that the SAT will likely go well. To secure your preferred score, pursue PSAT tutoring at Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA. We’ll design a plan, put it in motion, and prepare you for the exam.

Reasons to Take the PSAT

PSAT Tutoring Wellesley, MAThe PSAT is the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. The PSAT is easier and shorter than the actual SAT, but it provides a useful glimpse as to what to expect when the time to take the SAT occurs. The test has three sections: Reading, Writing, and Math, and scoring combines the Reading/Writing score with the Math score for a max possible score of 1520.

Generally, sophomores and juniors in high school take the PSAT. As sophomores, the purpose of taking the exam is to gain familiarity with the structure, questioning, and scoring of the test. In the junior year, scoring in the 99th percentile will earn students the possibility of becoming a National Merit Scholar and earning scholarship money. Taking the PSAT also provides students with a clear idea of which areas need work before taking the SAT. Before exam day comes, prepare with tutoring at Livius Prep.

Livius Prep Tutoring Opportunities

Livius Prep will provide access to practice questions and tests, online or in-person 1:1 tutoring, or live online classroom tutoring.

Athletes prepare for competition; musicians prepare for concerts; artists prepare for sessions; chefs prepare for dinner service. When performance matters, preparation is essential. We have the methodology, skilled tutors, and technical necessities to help you prepare to stoke your PSAT scores.

The tutor assigned to you at Livius Prep will be one that suits your personality and learning style. He or she will also be experienced and educated. Our tutors generally stay with us on average seven years and are alumni of the best colleges and universities in the United States.

We’ll provide diagnostic assignments, analyzing the manner of completion and identifying problematic areas that require remediation. We also focus on pacing strategies, test-taking skills, reading and math skills, and knowledge based content. Much of our tutoring will translate into improved academics as well.

Studying with Livius Prep is different from school. We value interaction and student engagement with personalized plans for improvement. Our efforts go beyond pointing out missed questions. We analyze why students miss questions and fill in the learning and skill gaps that cause the mistake.

Livius Prep has been providing tutoring to students for over 35 years and have completed more than one million tutoring hours. We’re proud to report that over one thousand of our students have scored perfectly on the ACT or SAT, and over two thousand of them have gained acceptance into Ivy League universities. The average amount of scholarship money our students earn at $30k makes our course worth the cost.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself, Livius Prep is the tutoring service to choose. In addition to PSAT prep, we offer ACT/SAT prep, college counseling, academic tutoring, and prep for private high school admittance exams.

To see your PSAT score skyrocket, sign up for tutoring from Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA. You can do so online or by calling (800) 428-8378. Our tutoring services will clear the path for you to fully meet your potential.