Private Tutoring Wellesley, MA

The natural curiosity that makes education a marvel in early childhood doesn’t often last. Whether it’s the rote nature of the traditional educational system, the distractions of modern technology, or simply a cost of growing up, students often lose enthusiasm for education. Private tutoring like that provided at Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA, can help students find the intrinsic motivation that relights the initial spark for learning.

Private Tutoring Wellesley, MAAt Livius Prep, you’ll find that we have experience, practices, and staff needed to provide quality tutoring. Our methods are engaging and individualized to work quickly while filling in learning gaps and encouraging independent study. We offer online and in-person tutoring for those who live in the area. Other services we provide include test prep for college readiness exams and private high school admittance exams as well as college counseling.

Livius Prep’s Qualifications:

  • 35 years in the tutoring field
  • 1,000,000+ tutoring hours provided
  • Livius 8+ Methodology for Test Improvement
  • Established and credible customer service
  • Over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT scores
  • Over 2,000 Ivy League acceptances
  • An average of $30,000 per student in merit-based scholarship aid
  • Academic tutoring for grades 6-12 in various subjects

The Value of Tutoring

Grades don’t equate to a child’s worth, but they do matter. We care about more than grades, though. At Livius Prep, we recognize the impact academic struggles have on self-confidence and behavior. When students have real learning deficits, until these are filled, the gap will just continue to widen between where they are and their assigned grade level. A tutor can provide the individualized, student-focused intervention needed to identify the problems and fix them.

Consider the following advantages gained from private tutoring from Livius Prep:

  • Individualized Pacing and Learning Plan – Large classrooms do great damage to the motivation of all students. Some fall behind; others find boredom. In cutting costs, schools often fail to meet the needs of students because of the impossible burden teachers face. A private tutor can provide remediation, enrichment, and encouragement that allow students to learn what they’re ready to pursue.
  • Building Self-Worth and Confidence – Success builds confidence. As students begin to experience academic successes, the boost of confidence will lead to a more positive attitude about learning and improved behavior.
  • Distraction-Free Learning Environment – One of the primary issues with a packed classroom is distraction. When focus is an issue, private tutoring helps students learn in a calm environment.
  • Independent Study Habits and Learning Processes – One of the best benefits of private tutoring is when a student learns to study on his or her own. This benefit will pay off for a lifetime.
  • Renewed Interest in Learning – When a student learns to love learning for the sake of satisfying curiosity, learning will continue for a lifetime. This is a benefit worth investing in, but it requires the type of tutoring that can show students the value of learning and stimulating one’s own interests.

Settling Your Concerns Over Private Tutoring

  • Too expensive
  • Ineffective
  • Mismatched tutor
  • Non-qualified tutor
  • Concerns about safety
  • Student resistance
  • Takes time away from other activities

While these concerns are common for parents considering private tutoring, we at Livius Prep can reassure you that none of them apply to us. For more information about how private tutoring in Wellesley, MA, can change the life of the student in your household, call our customer service staff today at (800) 428-8378.