Private SAT / ACT Tutor Burlington, MA

Show off for the scholarship decision makers after preparation with a private SAT/ACT tutor in Burlington, MA. Students who come to Livius Prep have access to methodologies honed by time and effort along with some of the highest educated and well-trained tutors in the field.

Private SAT / ACT Tutor Burlington, MAThe Livius Prep methodology is time-tested and proven. We have 35 years of successful academic assistance that speak to our abilities. This reputation also depends on incredible customer support that focuses on the student’s needs and family’s situation.

Our success has produced over 1,000 perfect SAT and ACT scores, over 2,000 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30,000 in academic scholarships for each student. This level of achievement by our students is impressive and depends largely on our process and our tutors along with the investment and effort of our students in the program.

The ACT and SAT Preparation Programs offered by Livius Prep assist students by providing them with skills and strategies for taking tests. We offer online and on-site prep programs that rely on the Livius 8+ Methodology for Improving Test Scores. The tutors employed here come from the best colleges and universities in the country and participate in rigorous training courses to better prepare them to help our students.

Preparation for the SAT and ACT

College readiness exams are often the deciding factors in college admission. Most institutions of higher learning will accept either, so students should decide whether to take the SAT or ACT based upon personal strengths and weaknesses.

The score on college readiness exams serves as an objective standard for college admission offices when comparing students’ files who are otherwise familiar. Without a strong score, your other accomplishments could be for nothing.

Livius Prep will help you make the best score possible on your exam.

The Livius Prep Method Works

The Livius Prep tutors arm students with the skills they need to reach success. These elements include time management, analysis and remediation of skills and content knowledge, pacing during test taking, and even best-guess answering strategies.

The programs at Livius Prep center around our Livius 8+ method and Mastering and Secrets of the ACT and Mastering and Secrets of the SAT curriculum. With this combination, students are assured of outstanding scores. In fact, our students average an increase on the SAT of 225 points and 6 points on the ACT.

Livius Prep Programs for the SAT/ACT

In-person 1:1 ACT and SAT preparation at Livius Prep is available at our Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA, locations.

Online, we offer tutoring in a classroom setting or in private tutoring sessions.

The Prep Essentials program offers practice test questions by the thousand along with full-length practice tests. Additionally, 12 hours of interactive instruction online will be provided for students to make queries about specific items of confusion.

One-on-one private tutoring online is another option Livius Prep offers. The 12 hours of prep time will be private instead of classroom based. Furthermore, students will still be eligible to receive all the advantages offered by the Prep Essentials program.

Maximize the chances of achieving college admission to your top choice school by partnering with Livius Prep for an online or in-person private SAT/ACT tutor in Burlington, MA. We know all the tricks for achieving high scores on college readiness exams, and we’re masters at showing you how. Sign up today by calling (800) 428-8378!