Private SAT / ACT Tutor Brighton, MA

The pressure to do well on college readiness exams is pretty intense, leading to unnecessary stress with physical and mental symptoms. Relieve some of this stress by providing the student in your life with a Livius Prep private SAT/ACT tutor or other prep program in Brighton, MA.

Private SAT / ACT Tutor Brighton, MALivius Prep, with over 35 years of experience, provides student-centered supplemental instruction, both online and in-person, for academic improvement, test preparation, and more.

The best strategies for SAT and ACT preparation stem from the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement. This methodology outlines the best-practices that we’ve learned and perfected in our many years of service, and we implement this approach with a strong commitment that creates positive outcomes for our students.

Livius Prep serves students across the academic spectrum from Grades 6-12 with academic tutoring, college counseling, preparation for private high school admissions testing, and college readiness exam prep. Students come to us for an effective program of SAT and ACT preparation, and we can provide this assistance at one of our locations or online.

Both programs at Livius Prep, SAT and ACT Prep, begin with a Foundations course. We offer these courses for free. They focus on providing skills and strategies for taking the tests, and at the end of four weeks, students take a practice exam in a real-life scenario. We’ll then analyze the results and use this analysis as a framework for further preparation. We offer several programs for this purpose.

Livius Prep ACT/SAT Preparation Choices

Prep Essentials

Livius Prep provides an online classroom experience for students with Prep Essentials. This option includes access to thousands of practice questions along with full-length practice tests. The classroom instruction is live and interactive, and students will receive 12 hours of this assistance with the Prep Essentials program.

12 Hours Online Private Tutoring

Another online program offered by Livius Prep is for 12 hours of online one-on-one tutoring. This program provides the same online access to preparatory resources as well as 12 hours online of private instruction rather than classroom instruction.

12 Hours In-Person Private Tutoring

Finally, for private tutoring on-site, choose the option that allows it. We offer the same benefits but in-person with this program.

The Benefits of Taking the ACT or SAT a Second or Third Time

Students who choose to take their college readiness exams more than once usually see higher scores. The more effort they put into preparation in between test dates translates into higher scores.

In recent years, many institutions of higher learning have begun superscoring the SAT and the ACT. This measure involves taking the higher score of each section when reaching the composite score, providing students with the highest possible score over each of the exams taken.

As you plan to take the SAT or ACT again, you won’t have to worry about disappointing scores. You really have nothing to lose because the only scores that matter are the ones you choose to report.

Whether you’re planning to take the SAT/ACT exam for the first or fifth time in Brighton, MA, a private tutor from Livius Prep will benefit your score. The tutoring staff here come from the best colleges and universities in the country. For more information about our programs or to begin your preparation journey, call (800) 428-8378.