Private ACT Tutors Near Me

As a parent or a student, an upcoming ACT exam date may drive you to search for private tutors near me, and the results should direct you to Livius Prep. We offer college counseling, ACT/SAT prep, and academic tutoring, both online and in-person.

The Right Time to Schedule the ACT Exam

Private ACT Tutors Near MeThe timing for ACT exam dates will be different for each student. It’s seldom that students will take the ACT a single time. In order to complete college applications by deadlines, an acceptable score needs to be earned by the end of 11th grade. To maximize the ACT score, a student should begin to prepare at the beginning of 10th grade, or earlier.

The Importance of the ACT Score

In all of your test-taking years, no test has had so much riding on it as when you take the ACT. From college admissions to scholarship awards, honors college admittance, and even peer-to-peer respect, the ACT score is important. If you fail to perform well, your dreams could be severely limited before they even have a chance.

The Expertise and Experience of Livius Prep

If you need to prepare for the ACT, it just makes sense to go with an experienced provider of assistance. Over the decades, we have developed a unique methodology that is all our own.

The students who come to Livius Prep see results. On average, they raise their ACT scores by 6 points. We have helped students earn more than 1,000 PERFECT ACT/SAT exam scores, more than 2,000 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30k in merit-based scholarships.

Start at the Beginning

Livius Prep provides a free resource to help students decide between the ACT and SAT. Most students take both, so the decision should really depend on the individual student’s aptitudes.

After you’ve decided to prepare for the ACT or SAT, sign up to take our free Foundations course. It’s online based and consists of four weeks of classroom instruction that teaches how to take the test. At the end, you will participate in a practice test.

This test will be analyzed, and the results will guide the rest of your preparation.

We offer targeted tutoring in an online and an in-person environment. Consider the following Livius Prep ACT Exam Prep Programs:

  • Prep Essentials is hosted online and consists of 12 hours of interactive, live classroom instruction along with access to Online Essentials, which is our online platform that includes thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests.
  • 12 Hours of Private Online Tutoring is online based, one-on-one tutoring with access to Online Essentials.
  • 12 Hours of Private In-Person Tutoring is hosted at the facility of your choice. We have locations in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA. The program also comes with access to Online Essentials.

Every one of these programs is based on the Mastering & Secrets of the ACT books along with the Livius 8+ Methodology for Test Score Improvement. Facilitating the programs are Livius Prep tutors, all of whom are employees, matriculaters from the best universities in the country, and further trained to appropriately respond to diverse learning needs.

A search for private ACT tutors near me will lead you to a bevvy of options. Livius Prep is the right choice for your future, your schedule, and your budget. Learn more today by reaching out online or giving us a call at (800) 428-8378.