Online SAT Test Preparation

If you’re searching for SAT test preparation for your resistant teen, consider the online options from Livius Prep. Our programs will allow you to eliminate excuses, work around busy schedules, and develop a broader knowledge base and test-taking skills.

Online SAT Test PrepFor over 35 years, Livius Prep has provided academic tutoring, exam prep, and college readiness counseling. We have one million-plus tutoring sessions of experience and employ outcome-driven methods for targeted tutoring and test preparation.

Livius Prep provides an 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement that we use as a process to develop and incorporate targeted tutoring. The steps include the following:

  • Compare – ACT vs. SAT
  • Match – Tutor/Class
  • Plan – Targeted, custom program
  • Enlighten – Learn test-taking strategies
  • Practice – Perfect your skills
  • Challenge – Build confidence and overcome testing difficulties
  • Adapt – Prioritize preparation to reap biggest payoff
  • Execute – Put plan of attack in effect on Exam Day!

The starting points for our program are FREE!

An SAT/ACT Comparison test allows students to identify which test correlates to their skills in a more favorable fashion.

This test will also provide students with nine key areas to focus preparation efforts on for the best return relative to the score and feedback regarding the student’s interactions with tough questions, testing fatigue, anxiety, and other common challenges.

Another FREE service that we offer is the Foundations Course. This program includes two online classes that are led by a testing expert to outline various test-taking skills and strategies. At the end of the course, students can choose to sit for a simulated SAT exam hosted via Zoom for a $50 fee.

Students who choose to sit for this exam will receive a 10-page results analysis along with a meeting with an advisor to review the custom blueprint for score improvement.

This feedback provides a priceless starting point for students to begin preparing for the SAT exam. We’d be honored if you would continue your efforts with Livius Prep.

We provide two online options: Prep Essentials and 12 Hours Online Private Tutoring. Both are hosted online, but Prep Essentials is a group effort while the other option is one-on-one. They both provide access to tons of online resources including thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests.

Begin Your Preparations

Timing for college readiness exams can be tricky. The time often arrives before you might expect. Livius Prep suggests that students begin to prepare for the SAT their sophomore years. Since students can take the test as often as they like, and even claim a Superscore, we strongly urge against a single attempt. Spend junior year perfecting your skills and knowledge base to reach your desired outcome.

Livius Prep students, on average, improve their SAT exam scores by 225 points following one of our programs.

Livius Prep has 37 years and over one million tutoring hours of experience. In just the last ten years, though, we have helped more than 1,000 students earn perfect ACT/SAT scores, more than 2,500 students gain admission to Ivy League Universities, and on average, $30,000 of merit based scholarships per student.

These results come from highly committed, well-educated, and best-fit tutors along with a research-based methodology that produces individual results.

Preparation for the upcoming SAT test can begin online today with Livius Prep. Register for our FREE Comparison Test or Foundations Course to start your efforts in a targeted manner that produces results.