Online SAT Test Prep

Advancement in the shark-eat-shark world of academia requires a high SAT score, and preparing for the test with online prep from Livius Prep will arm you well for the battle.

Welcome to Livius Prep

Online SAT Test PrepLivius Prep offers our clients academic assistance informed by our 37 years of experience. We’ve provided over a million hours of tutoring and base our services on research-proven strategies and curriculum. Our tutors have the training, education, and dedication required to reach students and empower them academically.

The Livius Online Approach to SAT Prep

For our online students that choose the SAT Mastery Program, expect an average score increase of 215 points. How do we accomplish such results?

  • 1:1 private tutoring sessions
  • Weekly online lessons and practice targeted toward weak areas
  • Curriculum focused on step-by-step mastery

The program options we provide range in price and depth.

A 2-week introductory package comes with two of our weekly hour long private tutoring sessions with an expert level tutor, a full online SAT practice test, and a 10-page report on how to improve your score.

At the end of this 2-week trial program, you can opt out or continue with our monthly tutoring program. This program comes with weekly private tutoring sessions with expert SAT tutors, a full practice exam, a 10-page score improvement report, Mastering the SAT or ACT ebook, access to 12 module Mastering the SAT & ACT online course, and a tutor match guarantee.

Our most popular option is the Full 3-Month Mastery Program. With 12 weeks of 1:1 tutoring sessions, expert tutors, a full-length practice exam followed by a score improvement  report, Mastering the SAT ebook, access to 12 module Mastering the SAT & ACT online course, a shipped official SAT/ACT guide, access to thousands of questions and full-length practice tests, a tutor match guarantee, and a score improvement guarantee, this program is sure to improve the success of your exam.

Planning for the SAT

While Livius Prep offers effective, convenient online preparation, experts suggest that preparation begin during the sophomore year of highschool. Our programs are able to help students substantially. In fact, over the last ten years, we’ve helped 2,500 students gain admittance into the Ivy League and over 1,000 earn a perfect ACT/SAT score.

The SAT exam is known for testing reasoning skills, so strategy matters when taking the test. The SAT can be retaken without penalty, and students choose which schools receive which test results. It only makes sense to continue preparation and retake the test throughout highschool.

The online program provides flexibility and a format to which teens are accustomed. By offering a targeted approach, online availability, and expert tutoring, we’re able to meet students where they are. Our programs allow students to keep their part time jobs, extracurricular obligations, and social calendars while maximizing their SAT potential.

Don’t underestimate the importance of being able to access prep resources at all times. Teens are tied to their smartphones. Imagine how much more likely the horse would be to drink if it carried the water everywhere it went.

Win the academic battle for scholarships, choice admissions, Honors College acceptance, and leadership positions by earning a high SAT score and develop a well-rounded high school resume.

Online SAT test prep at Livius Prep provides affordable, convenient, and effective preparation measures. Discover more about our process or sign up for a program by calling (800) 428-8378.