Online SAT/ACT Test Preparation Classes

Choose your destiny! After high school is not the time to begin planning for what’s next. You may want to fight fires, fight the system, fight disease, or simply fight for your share of paper, but without fighting for a foundation, you’ll lose the fight for yourself.

Online SAT/ACT Test Preparation ClassesBefore graduation, have a general idea of your next step, whether you plan to go on to trade school, community college, or university. For admission into institutions of higher learning, you’ll need to take the SAT/ACT and perform well. 

No matter your dreams, Livius Prep offers online SAT/ACT test preparation classes to maximize your score and get admission into the school of your choice! This budget- and schedule-friendly option will provide you with targeted training for analyzing and answering the types of questions you’ll face and a review of key academic concepts.

Why Livius Prep?

With nearly four decades of experience, Livius Prep is a proven provider of academic tutoring, test prep, and college counseling. In the time since 1984, when we opened our doors, we’ve provided over one million tutoring hours, and our students have earned:

  • Over 1,000 perfect SAT/ACT scores
  • Over 2,000 Ivy League acceptances
  • $30,000 average per student in academic scholarships

The test prep we provide helps students achieve an average 6-point increase in ACT scores and a 215-point increase in SAT exam scores. The benefits of investing in our tutoring efforts are worth every minute and every dime.

We accomplish these measures through research-based tutoring methods, a high-quality curriculum, and skilled, well-trained tutors for every student.

When you take our online class, you and your peers will be led by members of our tutoring staff. We hire graduates of the best colleges and universities in the country and provide training regarding learning styles, engagement, and other essentials for effective tutoring. 

Features of the ACT/SAT

SAT and ACT exams will indicate to admission officials whether you’re ready for college, and they’re generally considered on equal footing even though they have significant differences. 

Which test should you take? The SAT is geared toward puzzle solvers and logic-minded students, while the ACT is more in-line with the capabilities of students with a wide breadth of knowledge and has straightforward, rigorous questions.

The SAT exam includes two sections: language and math, and each section’s score falls between 200 and 800. The sum of the two sections is the final score, so it may fall between 400-1600.

The ACT exam includes four sections: language, reading, science reasoning, and math. The sections’ high scores are 36, with the final score being the mean of the four sections’ scores.

The Small Class ACT/SAT Prep Program by Livius

The small-class course we offer allows students to learn from the teacher and each other. Held virtually, the course provides for interaction and questions during the twelve 90-minute sessions.

We offer a best-fit promise. You’ll take a diagnostic exam to identify areas of strength and those of weakness, and we’ll use it to determine the best class placement and the progress of the course.

Online SAT/ACT test preparation classes from Livius Prep position you well for top performance on your college readiness exams. Sign up for your small-class program today by clicking here or calling (800) 428-8378.