Online SAT/ACT Classes

Look toward the future and the college admissions process by preparing for entrance exams with professional guidance. Livius Prep offers online SAT/ACT classes for the momentum you need to reach your target score.

Online SAT/ACT ClassesLivius Prep has 37 years operating in the academic field, and over the past decade alone, we have provided over one million tutoring sessions and led students to the following accomplishments:

  • 1,000+ perfect SAT/ACT scores
  • 2,000+ Ivy League acceptances
  • $30k+ average in merit-based scholarships PER STUDENT
  • 6 point average increase in ACT exam scores
  • 215 point average increase in SAT exam scores

Students and families choose Livius Prep because of our proven ability to guide students toward score improvement. We accomplish this goal through research-based methodologies and highly qualified tutors.

Online classes like those Livius Prep provides allow students to fulfill outside obligations and help parents eliminate excuses. We provide professional tutors whom we employ an average of seven years. Our staff consists of graduates of the most elite universities of the US, and we require rigorous instructional training and oversight.

The Challenges Presented by the SAT and ACT Exams

The SAT and ACT exams serve the same purpose, but that doesn’t mean that they are equivalent. While most institutions of higher learning recognize both scores in the admission decision-making process, the two tests are fundamentally different in scope and question perspective. The SAT speaks to students who think logically and enjoy solving puzzles, and the ACT speaks to students with a broad knowledge base and a preference for direct questions.

The SAT is broken into two sections – language and math. Each section’s score ranges from 200-800, and the exam’s score is cumulative. The final score for the SAT can range from 400-1600, with a 1600 being perfect.

The ACT has four sections – language, reading, science reasoning, and math. Each of these sections has a maximum score of 36, and the final score is an average of the four sections.

Many schools today are accepting a score dubbed the Superscore, where students take the exams more than once and keep the highest score of each section, creating a situation with the final score based on the best outcomes per section over time.

Livus Prep Small-Class SAT and ACT Prep Program

The small class approach to SAT and ACT prep that we provide includes twelve sessions, each 90 minutes long, for a total of 18 hours of intensive online preparation.

The process begins with a pre-program test to determine the areas where study should focus. Our exam professionals will analyze the results of the diagnostic test to formulate how the classes will proceed. The goal of the program is to provide an academic foundation, test-taking strategies, and critical thinking abilities.

Additional Livius Prep Resources

Livius Prep’s online small class program isn’t the only resource that we provide. We also offer private online or in-person tutoring as well as a private tutoring and college counseling bundle. All of our programs come with a best-fit promise regarding tutor or class, and we leverage our proven 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement as well. The range of options that we provide allows every family to choose the right package for the individual student and budget.

Stop anxiety and self-doubt in their tracks by signing up for online SAT/ACT classes with Livius Prep. This affordable, effective, and convenient method of preparation will help you reach your goals. Learn more today by calling (800) 428-8378 or following this link to contact us online.