Online Math Tutors

Are online math tutors as effective as in-person tutors?

Online Math TutorsYes! Livius Prep, for instance, provides accessible, affordable, and effective tutoring for grades 2-8. After one year of tutoring with us, the student in your household will advance two years in math skills. For remediation or enrichment, turn to the experts in academic assistance.

Identifying the Best Tutor

If you’ve decided that online tutoring is likely the route best taken for your family, identifying the best tutor for the individual student should come next. As with all tutor/student interactions, every tutor does not suit every student, regardless of qualifications. Teaching/learning style and personality play a major role. Some students need lively and engaging while others need a calm, detailed approach. We at Livius Prep understand this fact and will provide a best match tutor and a replacement tutor for students who request it.

Level-Specific Qualifications

Tutors must have the level of knowledge required to assist with the subject. This requirement is especially true of math tutors. Livius Prep provides specific online assistance for grades 2-8. For a tutor for a higher math like calculus or trigonometry, we provide in-person academic tutoring at our facilities. Our programs are driven by analytics that determine areas of focus and driven by mastery to ensure that students have a minimum of 90% competency before moving on to the next benchmark.

Consider Your Specific Goals

When looking for an online tutor, take the time to make sure that the tutor’s expectations are in line with your own. What do you hope to gain for your student? Are you concerned by grades, disinterest, enrichment?

We need to know whether you’re trying to pull your child into the next grade or earn all A+ marks.

The availability of the tutor should also be a consideration. You might even choose to combine a local tutor for daily homework help with an online tutor for advancement in the overall subject, identifying and filling gaps in knowledge.

Choose Livius Prep

Livius Prep is the ideal choice for families seeking a credible online tutoring program. Our tutors come from the best universities in the country, stay with us an average of seven years, and complete thorough training in meeting the needs of various learning styles and mastering teaching strategies.

Livius Prep has provided academic assistance for 37 years, adjusting the services that we offer to meet the changing face of education.

Online tutoring from Livius Prep plays into the lives of students today. The familiarity of tablets and laptops make online tutoring more appropriate than other options, and online hosted tutoring removes the stigma of needing extra help.

Securing tutoring for the student in your household is necessary if you see that he or she is struggling, but finances can be an issue. Livius Prep does what we can to make our assistance affordable, even offering a free two-week trial. Once you see how helpful our programs can be, we provide a range of options to suit any budget.

Livius Prep provides qualified, effective online math tutors for students in grades 2-8. With one phone call to (800) 428-8378 or by reaching out online, you can change the life of the student in your household. Putting off the call for one more day means that the student is yet another day behind, so make that call today.