Online Math Tutoring

If the student in your home has been struggling with math, consider online tutoring from Livius Prep. We offer flexible and affordable options for second through eighth grade students.

Online Math TutoringLivius Prep is a dedicated provider of academic support. We offer both online and in-person programs, and our services range from academic tutoring to exam prep and even college counseling. Over 37 years, we have evolved with the field, adjusting to suit technological changes, academic advances, and changing student needs.

Gain Flexibility with Online Tutoring

Getting the academic support required for your child can be difficult given work obligations, tight schedules, and limited free time. Online tutors provide scheduling flexibility that allows students to tune in to support without rearranging the entire family’s daily life. Bear in mind that tutoring sessions missed do as much good as ones never scheduled.

Livius Prep checks all the boxes when looking for an appropriate online math tutor.

Livius Prep Provides Convenience

The busyness of the modern family is one of the primary reasons parents fail to secure help when a student first begins to struggle with arithmetic. When access is convenient, as it is with Livius Prep, arrangements can be made at the first sign of trouble. When your son or daughter fails one quiz, you can chalk it up to a bad day, but if he or she brings home several disappointing grades, it’s time to make a call to Livius Prep.

Livius Prep Offers Affordable Assistance

The budget line for tutoring is an obvious consideration when choosing a provider. Livius Prep offers a free 2-week trial so that parents can confirm the value of our assistance before signing up for more costly programs. With over one million tutoring hours provided and nearly four decades of experience, Livius Prep understands that families of all budget sizes have academic needs, and we strive to accommodate them all.

Livius Prep Tutors Are Second to None

The quality of the tutoring provided is always of the utmost concern. The tutors and the programs should be top notch, as they are at Livius Prep. We’ve proven to help students advance two grade levels in math ability with one year of our tutoring. Our curriculum is enabled by analytics and focused on mastery. We personalize the program to make sure that we are filling in gaps without wasting time on material that has already been mastered.

Quality Tutors Are Essential

All of us know the value of a good teacher, and the same can be said of a good tutor. Livius Prep provides the best tutors in the field, many of whom have matriculated from the top colleges and universities in the country. Our tutors are employees, not freelancers, and we train them in our processes and curriculum.

Overcome Student Resistance

When attempting to intervene in a student’s academic struggles, getting buy-in from that student is essential to success. In plain terms, if a student doesn’t want to do better, he or she simply won’t. Online tutoring allows students to avoid any embarrassment they might feel walking into the class for kids who need tutoring or being seen arriving at a tutor’s location. Once these children recognize the advancements that they can make, teachers and parents typically see a remarkable turnaround in terms of effort and interest.

For online math tutoring that will empower the student in your household with self-confidence and greater ability, call Livius Prep today: (800) 428-8378.