Online Math Tutoring Services

Math skills come easy for some, but others struggle with learning math throughout their academic careers. Livius Prep provides online math tutoring services to help mathletes soar and make sure that strugglers learn to fly.

Online Math Tutoring ServicesOnline math tutoring is a terrific option for families with busy schedules and for students who live in a digital world already. In today’s environment where distance is often required, Livius Prep can be a lifeline to make sure that students don’t fall too far behind or disengage with academic excitement.

If you’re wondering if online tutoring will work for the student in your household, consider the advantages and disadvantages to the format.

Online tutoring provides immediate feedback and AI-created learning plans that leverage students’ strengths and weaknesses. The online environment may also appeal to students with divergent learning styles since it’s a fresh environment unlike a traditional classroom.

The flexibility of online math tutoring is highly beneficial to the average family. Parents don’t have to leave work early to transport the student to the center, and the house doesn’t have to be cleaned to welcome a stranger. Furthermore, the student can schedule tutoring around other obligations – family, religious, educational, social, etc.

The accessibility of online math tutoring is another reason to choose it. Removing the stigma of tutoring will go a long way to get students to buy into the process. A huge part of tutoring resistance comes from the fear that someone will find out that tutoring is needed.

The parents of today have to be concerned about safety, and the prevalence of anxiety in students is enormous. Online math tutoring allows students to remain comfortable and safe in their own homes. Our tutors are extremely vetted, highly trained, and university educated.

Make Online Math Tutoring Work for You

Any tutoring, including online math tutoring, requires buy-in from students. Without any input, there will be no output.

Tutoring should be challenging. The program that we offer is meant to help students advance, and the only way to achieve is to learn the hard stuff. Our tutors understand how to engage students and get them to rise to that challenge.

The Livius Prep Online Math Program

Available for students in grades 2-8, the online math program available through Livius Prep helps students gain two grade levels in math ability by the end of the full program. This online program leverages research-based curriculum targeted toward learning gaps and driven by student mastery. Each week, students will participate in an hour of 1:1 tutoring as well as a small group class session online. For a glimpse into the potential of this program, we offer a free 2-week introductory program.

Other options include a monthly program and a 12-week program. These programs come with homework support, and the 12-week program includes a pre- and post- measurement for continued progress.

With over one million tutoring hours provided, thirty-five years of experience, and 1,000+ perfect math scores on the ACT and SAT, Livius Prep’s bona fides in math tutoring are undeniable.

The success that your child has in school is not of slight importance. Doing well in math leads toward success in other subjects and in future endeavors, but the flip side of that coin is true as well. Students who fail to develop math skills will struggle throughout school and in the future occupationally.

For online math tutoring services from Livius Prep, call 800-428-8378 today.