Online ACT Test Preparation

Teens live online. If you’re a parent, counselor, teacher, or even student looking for quality ACT test preparation, go online with Livius Prep. We provide a range of products and services including college readiness counseling, exam prep tutoring, and academic tutoring. Many of the online resources we offer are entirely free and provide a starting point for effective preparation.

Timeline for ACT Prep

Online ACT Test PreparationAs athletes prepare for championship games and elite gamers prepare for tournaments, students must prepare for the ACT. With online ACT exam prep from Livius Prep, the outcome will be amplified through targeted and comprehensive study.

Students in their sophomore year should prepare and practice so that a solid exam score is in the books by junior year.

The Importance of the ACT Score

ACT scores are highly significant to aspiring high school students with a specific college or university in mind, as well as those counting on academic-scholarships to fund their educational journeys. The ACT score also plays a role in placing students in courses during freshman year, for those in need of remediation as well as those deserving of Honors College placement.

Why Opt for Livius Prep

Livius Prep provides experience, expertise, and innovation. We have logged over one million tutoring hours and served the academic industry for 37+ years. Over the last ten years, 1,000+ Livius Prep students have earned perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, 2,500+ Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30,000 of academic-based scholarships per student.

Begin with a Few Free Livius Prep Products and Services

Livius Prep provides a FREE SAT/ACT Comparison test to help students decide which test better parallels their aptitudes, identifies nine key areas to prioritize for the most score pay-off, and explains to what extent students are falling to the pitfalls of test taking.

Once you’ve completed the Comparison portion of preparation, move on to the Foundations course, another FREE program provided by Livius Prep. This course covers one week of time and includes two classes hosted online. During the course, students will learn valuable test-taking skills and strategies and develop confidence in the exam environment.

The course culminates with the option to sit for a live, proctored exam, hosted via Zoom, for the price of $50. This test will provide data to create a blueprint for score improvement, and we will then provide this feedback in a 10-page report presented under the guidance of a testing expert.

From this point, it will be up to you how to continue preparing for the ACT. If you choose one of Livius Prep ACT tutoring options, we will credit the $50 you paid to sit for the practice exam from the cost of the program.

We offer three different options:

  • Prep Essentials (12 Hours online classroom instruction + Online Essentials)
  • 12-Hours Live, Private Online Tutoring + Online Essentials
  • 12-Hours Live, In-Person Tutoring at one of our centers (Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA)

Our tutors, both online and in-person, matriculate from the most elite institutions of higher learning in the US. We provide additional training to make sure that our tutors can appropriately engage with students of all learning styles and personalities. We also offer a best-fit tutor promise to our students.

Get ready to master the ACT with online test preparation from Livius Prep. Begin with our free comparison test and foundations course, and we’re sure you’ll be convinced to continue with one of our exam prep programs. Register online for the foundations program today!