Online ACT Test Prep

The prospect of taking the ACT is an intimidating milestone for highschoolers around the country. Take fear out of the equation and replace it with confidence by providing online ACT test prep for the student in your household. Livius Prep provides a range of programs – even a FREE two-week peek.

Plan Ahead for ACT Success

Online ACT Test PrepIf the student in your house plans to attend higher education of any sort, the ACT will likely stand in the way. Since you can take the test multiple times and recent changes allow for a combination of all top sub-scores for one superscore, it pays to retake the exam following prep courses like those that we offer.

For most students, the 10th grade year should begin preparation, allowing students plenty of time to earn a respectable score by the beginning of 12th grade. Having the score cemented by this time is essential to college and scholarship apps.

The Significance of the ACT Score

Underestimating the importance of a good ACT score would be a mistake. A low score can mean that you don’t get into the college that you’d like to attend, or it could indicate to the community college that does accept you that remediation classes are needed in order for you to be ready for college level classes, adding to the time you’ll spend in school.

On the other hand, a high ACT score can earn valuable scholarship funding, acceptance into the Honors College, and a greater chance of being accepted at the school of your choice.

Success with Livius Prep

The Livius Prep method of preparation is innovative and effective, demonstrated by over 37 years of continued operations and one million tutoring hours provided.

Our reputation and numbers speak for themselves. Over 2,500 of our students have entered the Ivy League in the last decade, and we’ve led over 1,000 students to perfect results on the ACT/SAT. Students who participate in our ACT prep program see an average increase of 6 points in their results.

Livius Prep Online SAT/ACT Mastery Programs

Our programs work because we combine one-on-one tutoring with a targeted curriculum that works to mastery rather than completion. Our tutors are masters at their craft. We hire tutors as employees, not independent contractors. Each of our professional tutors comes from one of the top universities in the country, and we provide thorough training to provide our clients with highly effective academic assistance.

  • 2-Week Free Trial
    • Includes 2 weekly hour-long 1:1 tutoring sessions
    • Access to expert tutors
    • Full online practice exams
    • 10-page score improvement analytics report
  • Monthly Tutoring Program
    • 4 weekly hour-long 1:1 tutoring sessions
    • Access to expert tutors
    • Full online practice test
    • 10-page score improvement analytics report
    • Mastering the ACT ebook
    • Access to 12 module Mastering the SAT & ACT online course
    • Tutor match guarantee
  • Full 3 Month Mastery Program (most popular)
    • 12 weekly hour-long 1:1 tutoring sessions
    • Expert tutors available
    • Full online practice exams
    • 10-page score improvement report
    • Mastering the ACT ebook
    • 12 module Mastering the SAT & ACT online course
    • Official ACT guide
    • Thousands of online practice questions
    • Full-length online practice tests
    • Tutor match guarantee
    • Score improvement guarantee

As a student or a parent of one who’s facing the ACT, online test prep from Livius Prep offers accessibility, effectiveness, and freedom from in-person obligations. Learn more by calling (800) 428-8378 to enter one of the programs or learn more about the ACT or our preparation measures.