Middle School Math Tutors Newton, MA

If the middle school student in your family isn’t gifted with math aptitude, consider tutors from Livius Prep in Newton, MA. The disruptions to education caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have also contributed to backward slides in mathematical skills at all levels. Help your child meet his or her potential with the programs we offer.

Middle School Math Tutors Newton, MAMiddle school math includes more difficult topics than earlier grades. Without a strong foundation developed during elementary school, students will struggle. Our programs target skills that either weren’t introduced or mastered, and we work to mastery. Using this step-by-step, thorough process of tutoring, we help students progress in a natural manner that ensures future success.

Flexible Tutoring Formats

Academic tutoring for a range of subjects is offered right here at Livius Prep. Either online or in-person, our professional tutors provide 1:1 personalized tutoring. We also offer a math-focused program online. The online programs offer flexible scheduling, and the in-person option provides non-verbal feedback and accountability that some students need.

When you call Livius Prep, relate to our team the level of assistance that you believe will be required by the student in your household. Does the child in question need daily help with homework, a nudge toward comprehension, or a complete re-teaching of material? If you’re unsure, we know the questions to ask to diagnose the situation and prescribe the best tutoring program.

Personalized Tutoring Programs

Students differ in learning style, pace of skill acquisition, and personality. Each student needs a program designed around his or her particular qualities.

Livius Prep also provides a best-fit match between tutor and student because we understand the importance that the relationship has in successful study. Our tutors have educational backgrounds from the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the US, and we provide training to make sure that they can adapt to various learning styles and communicate effectively with students.

Online Math Program

The program we offer specifically designed for math study is online based, with targeted instruction and a requirement of 90% competence on benchmarks. This precise method allows students to get the most assistance, effectively and in a minimal amount of time.

If you’d like to establish the value of our programs, consider the free two-week trial we offer. We’re confident that you’ll be inspired to book additional weeks of tutoring.

We also offer a monthly program that includes 4 weekly private tutoring hours with an expert in the field. Students will have full access to curriculum, homework assistance, and the best tutor match.

The 12-week program also offers weekly private tutoring, small group instructional classes, an expert math tutor, and homework help. The program also provides pre- and post- evaluations, curriculum access for an entire semester, and more.

Online and In-Person Academic Tutoring

Academic tutoring in a physical or online format is available for grades 6-12. Our pool of tutors includes many math tutors, so we have no trouble providing a personalized program of tutoring for grade-level middle school math, pre-algebra, Algebra I, and beyond.

Middle school math can be challenging during the best of times, so as students strive to work their way through the current pandemic, tutors from Livius Prep in Newton, MA can be a great asset to grades and self-esteem. Set up a program for your child by dialing (800) 428-8378.