Middle School Math Tutors Lexington, MA

Middle school is the time to establish a strong foundation of math skills, and Livius Prep offers premiere math tutors in-person for students in the Lexington, MA area and online for all others.

Middle School Math Tutors Lexington, MALivius Prep provides a math program that will help students master problem solving, computation, and beginning equations. We can help advanced students remain challenged and engaged or pull struggling students up to grade level. In fact, our program has been shown to help students grow an average of two grade levels.

This period in time, as students experience disruptions in learning, tutoring beyond the classroom, is more important than it has been in generations. Minimize the long term effects that the pandemic has on your child’s education.

The tutoring offered by Livius Prep is available in either in-person or online formats. The math program we use is research-based and targets weaknesses and missed skills. We require students to meet 90% mastery of concepts before moving on to the next.

With a program that offers comprehensive skill mastery, students develop a strong basis for continued success in mathematics. This foundation offers an understanding of numbers that will lead to an aptitude for computer and technical advancement.

Depending on the course you choose, you can provide your student with weekly private tutoring, weekly small group class instruction, access to help with homework, access to math curriculum, pre- and post- course evaluations, and much more.

Middle School Bridges Elementary and High School Education

Math tutoring is beneficial to all students, not just those who struggle. If your child is showing signs of difficulty in math, disinterest in school, or boredom with work that is far too easy, arrange for tutoring to help students progress.

During seventh and eight grade, students begin to be tracked into remedial, average, and advanced classes. Whether students need to catch up or continue to soar, we have the skilled tutors and effective curriculum to make it happen.

While the online program is ideal for the typical busy family and connected student, some students need personal, face-to-face intervention that is only possible with in-person tutoring. For these students, we offer in-person academic tutoring at locations in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley.

We provide immediate feedback to prevent students from perpetuating mistakes during practice without check-ins. The learning style and social aptitude of a student will also affect the most appropriate tutorial environment.

Challenge and Engagement

Tutoring should never encourage rote memorization. The programs should challenge the student to a deep understanding of numbers, ensuring that students know the basics before progressing to advanced skills.

The Livius Prep Approaches to Mathematical Improvement

Students in grades 2-8 can take part in the online program Livius Prep offers. It’s been shown to help students advance two grade levels by leveraging curriculum standards and performing to concept mastery. The students who participate receive weekly private tutoring and small group class instruction.

This program is available as a free two-week introductory offer, on a monthly basis, or as a 12-week program. Additional features come with larger packages.

We also offer academic tutoring for subjects in grades 6-12 at one of our locations or online. Packages for either 12 or 20 hours are available.

Your child’s performance in middle school is an indicator of what to expect from high school. Make sure they get off on the best foot possible by securing Livius Prep middle school math tutors in Lexington, MA: 800-428-8378.