Math Tutors Lexington, MA

The students of today are more likely to need help than ever before. The interruptions in learning and the stress caused by the current pandemic don’t have to leave the student in your household perpetually unprepared. Livius Prep provides math tutors for students in Lexington, MA, for the pull or push they require.

Does Your Child Need a Math Tutor?

Math Tutors Lexington, MAParenthood is not easy. Guiding, nurturing, and spotting problems are all difficult, and knowing whether your child needs a math tutor or just a bit of encouragement can be difficult. Let’s discuss a few of the issues that should draw your attention to the potential need of tutoring.

The Student Needs Enrichment

Math tutors aren’t just for students who struggle; they’re also for those who excel. When advanced students aren’t challenged, their motivation suffers. Keep your child engaged and excited about a subject at which they obviously excel with an expert math tutor from Livius Prep.

The Student Is Falling Behind

If your student can’t keep up with his or her peers in math, perhaps it’s time to call in expert tutors before the gap becomes too large to overcome. The faster the problem is identified, the easier the remediation will be. When you lack the time or the knowledge to help, delegate the task to experts!

The Student Has Learning Needs That Aren’t Being Met

The learning style of your student will influence the tutor that he or she needs. The expert tutors at Livius Prep not only have the knowledge necessary, but they are also trained to meet the needs of all learners. In addition, a 1:1 tutoring environment allows for a more personalized approach to instruction, the precise need of many divergent-style learners.

Should the Tutor Be In-Person or Online?

Once you know that your child does need math tutoring, you’ll need to decide whether the approach should be in-person or online. Livius Prep offers both options, one being an online math tutoring program specifically designed for grades 2-8.

In-Person vs Online Math Tutoring

In the time of Covid, virtual tutoring has taken on new benefits. When you’d prefer not to have your student come into the center, our online option is a great choice. Other students benefit from the personal interaction so much that the in-center tutoring is the obvious choice.

Scheduling is yet another reason to choose the online option. The program that we offer allows students access to practice online regardless of their location, and at this point, students are more familiar with connected devices than they are traditional paper and pen options.

The empowerment of a student who can receive tutoring without the stigma of going to a tutor is a significant reason to choose online tutoring programs.

Livius Prep Math Tutoring Options

Online math tutoring for grades 2-8 provides targeted and mastery driven tutoring.

For math tutoring, and other academic subjects, beyond grade 8, consider our academic tutoring options for in-person and online settings. We offer 12 hours of online 1:1 private tutoring, 20 hours of 1:1 private tutoring online, 12 hours of in-center 1:1 private tutoring, and 20 hours of in-person 1:1 private tutoring.

If the student in your Lexington, MA, household needs the assistance only math tutors can provide, call Livius Prep today: (800) 428-8378. We have the experience, staff, and methods required to get any students’ math gears turning.