Math Tutoring Services for Schools in Massachusetts

Livius Prep’s Partnership Programs for schools can bring expert math tutoring services to districts in Massachusetts. Since COVID-19, education has been disrupted, and now is the time to rebuild and fill the resulting learning gaps.

The Need for Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring Services for Schools in MassachusettsKnowing that your students need tutoring and creating a suitable program are very different. Whether your district chooses a peer-based or partnership program with Livius Prep is a decision that should follow careful consideration. By selecting a Partnership Program, you’ll have expertise that will be more likely to help all students develop confidence and achieve success.

Flexibility of Partnership Programs

Livius Prep Partnership Programs provide flexibility. Sessions can be held online, in person, at the school, or at one of our centers in Lexington, Newton, or Wellesley, MA.

We can also provide these sessions on a one-to-one basis or in small groups during school or after-school. The flexibility we offer can be leveraged to serve your students best.

These various options provide benefits, and you may choose different arrangements for individual students.

The math tutors that we at Livius Prep provide are top-notch. Our tutors matriculate from the finest colleges and universities, collaborate with your school’s teachers, and meet students where they are, engaging effectively for students’ understanding.

Schools that desire student success and partner with Livius Prep will see student successes rise. The program that we provide will be custom created and trackable.

Take a few hats off your overworked teachers by partnering with Livius Prep for a partnering program. We will help you identify and meet students’ needs in a way that a teacher with an entire classroom can’t.

Livius Prep brings almost forty years of expertise to academic achievements at your school. In addition to math tutoring, we can provide language tutoring, test prep, ELL assistance, and college counseling. 

The creation of a program will begin with a consultation. This meeting will allow us to learn the specific needs of your district’s schools. We regularly help public, private, and charter schools. 

With the information about your students’ needs, we will create a program aligned with those needs and submit it for your approval. Throughout the work with your school, we will track its progress and accept feedback, upon which we will adjust the program.

Partner with Livius Prep to receive:

  • Culturally appropriate programs
  • Family and community outreach
  • Program tracking
  • Structure and instructional modifiable
  • ELL accommodations
  • Materials available in Spanish and Mandarin

Potential Inclusions in Partnership Programs

Livius Prep Partnership Programs can include various other services, including college counseling services. The admission experts we provide use a 2×7 methodology that is proven to help students successfully travail the college admissions journey.

The ELL, or English Language Learners, within your school are often the most in need of help. Rather than taking time from instructional time, arrange for these students to participate in a Livius Prep program to develop vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and fluency.

Carefully designed for the schools we serve, Livius Prep Partnership Programs guide the students in Massachusetts toward success through math tutoring services and more. Examine how these programs can help the students in your district by contacting us online or calling (617) 958-3303.