Math Tutoring Near Me

Covid has disrupted far more than product distribution, healthcare, and gas prices. The process of education has been repeatedly interrupted, dislocated, and disturbed. It’s no wonder that parents and students are searching for math tutoring near me as specific search terms. The best answer to this query worldwide remains Livius Prep. We offer online courses for all and in-person programs for students in the Newton, MA area.

The Suitability of Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring Near MeRushing out to get tutors for the students in your household might be your first instinct in the current situation, and while tutoring never hurts, it’s not always necessary. When students are falling behind, in need of a confidence boost, or excelling but potentially bored, tutoring can be appropriate. If students are thriving and self-motivated, they can likely find plenty of free enrichment options.

When needed, a quality tutoring program can quickly remedy gaps in learning. As students see themselves succeed, confidence will grow, and with it, achievement.

Tutoring Location and Flexibility

With Livius Prep offering tutoring services both online and in-person, the individual student’s characteristics will drive the choice.

Online, Livius Prep offers a math program exclusively for grades 2-8 as well as academic tutoring for specific subjects for grades 6-12. In-person academic tutoring for grades 6-12 is available in-person at our locations in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA.

Both options have benefits. Online tutoring provides flexibility and the potential for social distance that’s all too important in the time of Covid-19. The stigma of walking into a tutoring session can cause an at-risk student to shut down completely, and having practice available on smartphones allows students to substitute preparation in place of Snapchat for a portion of their day.

In-person tutoring offers structure and face-to-face, immediate feedback that other students need. Being held immediately accountable may be necessary for maintaining focus and engagement.

Livius Prep Math Tutoring Options

  • Online course for grades 2-8
    • 1:1 private tutoring
    • Weekly online small group classes
    • Online & leveled weekly math classes to help students stay ahead of their grade level
    • Mastery focused curriculum
    • Students must achieve 90% proficiency in each subject before moving ahead in their program
      • Monthly Program
        • 4 weekly (60 minutes) private tutoring sessions
        • Experienced math tutoring experts
        • Full access to mastery based math curriculum
        • Homework help support
        • Tutor match guarantee
      • 12 Week Program
        • 12 weekly (60 minutes) private tutoring sessions
        • 12 weekly live, leveled group math classes
        • Pre and post assessment for skill building
        • Experienced math tutoring experts
        • Full semester long access to mastery based math curriculum
        • Homework help support
        • Tutor match guarantee
      • Academic Tutoring for specific subjects, such as Algebra I and II, geometry, pre-algebra, etc. for grades 6-12
        • 12 Hours Online (1:1 private tutoring)
        • 20 Hours Online (1:1 private tutoring)
        • 12 Hours In-Center (1:1 private tutoring)
        • 20 Hours In-Center (1:1 private tutoring)

As you can see, Livius Prep offers no shortage of math tutoring options. Our tutors are employees with supplemental training in addition to their top-notch education. These tutors, in conjunction with the curriculum we employ, provide an outstanding result for each and every student.

The parents and caretakers of students who need extra help will find a ton of options if they search for “tutoring near me.” Livius Prep is ultimately the best option for those who have either online or on-site preferences. Explore all of our programs further by calling (800) 428-8378.