Local GRE Tutors

Don’t let your GRE score be an impediment to attending the graduate school of your choice! Livius Prep offers local GRE tutors to graduate school candidates in Massachusetts and online GRE tutors regardless of location. Our program will help you reach your goal score and gain admission to the graduate program you choose.

Local GRE TutorsGRE Structure

  • 2 Sections of Verbal Reasoning (reading and vocabulary)
    • Reading Comprehension – identifying main ideas, analyzing details, making inferences, and drawing conclusions
    • Vocabulary – college-level vocabulary, context clues, and synonyms
  • 2 Sections of Quantitative Reasoning (math)
    • Algebra II, geometry, pre-calculus, and high-school level statistics/data analysis
  • 2 Sections of Writing (essay composition)
    • 1 essay constructing an argument on a given topic
    • 1 essay analyzing another author’s argument
  • 3 hours, 10 minutes to complete
  • Potential inclusion of unscored sections for GRE research (additional time allowed for completion)

Advantages of GRE Tutoring

Livius Prep provides small-group or one-on-one GRE tutoring to help graduate school applicants earn their best scores. Our GRE program will help you prepare for the test and establish a foundation for success once graduate courses begin.

Targeted Study

The GRE program at Livius Prep will begin with a diagnostic test. This test will provide the basis for targeted study so that your tutor can adjust the material and approach to the program. We won’t waste your time reviewing content that you’ve already mastered, and we’ll help you learn specific skills to break down the questions and identify precisely what they’re asking and how best to answer.

Flexible Scheduling

The GRE is a serious milestone in your academic life, and the results of the exam matter a great deal. Give yourself a season of preparation, not a day or two. Livius Prep offers flexibility in the timing of your study, depending on when you plan to take the test and the time that you have available. This flexibility will allow you to prepare in a way that works for you. 

Building Confidence and Preparing for Success

High performance on the GRE is more than just a matter of test prep. It’s a matter of mindset and physical readiness. If you go into the exam unconfident, with little sleep and loads of anxiety, your score will reflect it. Livius Prep tutors will help you identify your personal obstacles to score achievement and help you overcome them. 

Preparation Tailored to the GRE

Livius Prep offers tutoring that is specific to the GRE. The GRE is a responsive exam. The difficulty of the test becomes lesser or greater depending on the performance at the beginning of the test. We use official GRE materials for practice questions and homework so that you’ll be familiar with the types of questions and content.

Our tutors are all familiar with the GRE and what it takes to perform well. Everyone has a postgraduate degree and practical experience with the test.

The GRE prep program that we offer features:

  • 12 sessions over 18 hours
    • 7 sessions of verbal reasoning and writing prep
    • 5 sessions of math prep
  • In-person at a Livius Prep center in Lexington, Wellesley, or Newton, MA, or online via video chat
  • 1:1 or small-group based
  • Flexible scheduling dependent on availability and test date

Livius Prep offers the service of expert, experienced GRE tutors to Massachusetts local graduate-school candidates. To schedule your diagnostic practice test, reach out today. Click here to contact us online or call 800-428-8378.