K-12 Tutoring Support for School Districts in Massachusetts

Find effective K-12 tutoring support for school districts in Massachusetts with Livius Prep. In addition to local, in-person service, we offer online programs that facilitate a nationwide footprint. Allow us to tailor a made-to-order tutoring program that responds appropriately to student needs and speeds the acquisition of district-wide success.

K-12 Tutoring Support for School Districts in MassachusettsWith Livius Prep’s supplemental programs, you’ll be able to transform the school district. No matter the background, current status, or learning gaps, students can make substantial headway and begin progressing with forward momentum through tutoring help from Livius Prep.

We respond to cultural differences, provide materials translated into Mandarin and Spanish for families, and implement intensive programs for English Language Learners (ELL) to improve vocabulary acquisition, grammar use, and reading rates and comprehension.

In addition to ELL support, Livius Prep provides math and ELA academic assistance, SAT/ACT exam prep, and college counseling.

Our research-based programs are modifiable in terms of structure and curriculum based on data regarding student progress. The programs also allow teachers and counseling staff to do more through a collaborative partnership with Livius Prep.

Custom learning support from Livius Prep is a tool that your district needs in its toolbox, whether you choose in-person or online options. The process will begin with a consultation with the Program Director to determine the type of programs best suited to your district.

Following this decision, the Program Director will craft a program and submit a proposal for approval. With this approval, we will then begin implementing the program in the district, and as measurements and staff provide feedback, we will modify the program at appropriate times to improve the results with each cycle.

Supplemental tutoring provided to your district will not occur in a vacuum. Our programs operate in conjunction with the classroom experiences students have with their assigned teachers for a result that is far greater than what would occur completely removed from the school experience.

Effective tutoring must be frequent tutoring. We provide intensive programs to heal the academic damage done by the pandemic shutdowns and virtual learning. The program can be approached on a small-group basis or one-on-one, and courses will parallel classroom standards and provide student success tracking.

As students apply for colleges, the counseling center at school can be limited in its ability to help students complete the process successfully. Lvius Prep leverages a 2×7 method that focuses on a theme that works its way throughout every step in the process beginning with the application itself and following through with the essay and the interview itself.

Call on Livius Prep to transform your school district. Over the past 37 years, we’ve provided over 1,000,000 tutoring sessions, led students to over 1,000 perfect SAT/ACT scores, helped students gain more than 2,000 Ivy League admissions, and guided students to an average of $30k in academic-based scholarships each.

An integral part of the journey to college is the SAT or ACT exam. High scores equal first-choice admission and scholarships, and Livius Prep provides a two-prong foundation for success. We’ll help students establish a strong foundation of knowledge paired with the ability to read, understand, and respond to complex questions.

Are you looking for quality K-12 tutoring support for school districts in Massachusetts? You’ve found it in Livius Prep. Count on us to provide effective partnerships for your agency, and it can all begin with an email or call to (617) 958-3303.