K-12 Tutoring Support for Districts and Schools

Livius Prep and the K-12 tutoring support we provide for districts and schools throughout Massachusetts and the US can be a game-changer for student outcomes. Custom programs that collaborate with teachers harness the power of the classroom and amplify it even further. Let us ease the burden of being a professional educator with test prep, academic support, ELL student support services, and college counseling.

The Perfect Partnership – High-Quality Teachers and Tutors

K-12 Tutoring Support for Districts and SchoolsTeachers and tutors are the perfect combinations for maximum student success. Consider the relationship between a head coach, the teacher, and the assistant coach, the tutor. The teacher leads the classroom, introducing, modeling, and evaluating learning. The tutor follows up with targeted practice to pave the way for students to grasp what’s taught in the classroom.

Livius Prep tutors are professionals in the field. We hire graduates of the country’s best institutions of higher learning, and we take that education and enhance it with intense, consistent training and oversight to prepare them to deal with the differences in student learning.

The Ideal Curriculum – Custom Created and Consistently Evaluated

Partnership programs from Livius Prep are custom designed for your school and students!

We want to supplement the programs you have in place and meet the needs identified within your school. By using a targeted approach, we’re able to meet these needs more thoroughly, and the entire process will begin with a proposal based on data and input from the school itself. 

Once implemented, the program allows for modification based on consistent, regular measurements and feedback. A one-size-fits-all approach has no place in education because no two students take in and process material the same!

Highlights of Livius Prep Partnership Programs Include:

  • Equal access for all students
  • Culturally responsive measures, including translation services for families who speak primarily Spanish or Mandarin
  • Research-based programs and methods
  • Flexibility without placing a burden on the school
  • Availability in-person within the area at a Livius center in Newton, Wellesley, or Lexington or at the school, or virtually anywhere in the US
  • Scheduling during the school day or after school hours

Effective tutoring responds to student needs. We strive to diagnose deficiencies in the academic foundation and then work to remedy those gaps in learning. With a supportive tutor and quality curriculum, we help students reach mastery in all of the skills they need to participate successfully in the classroom.

Teachers burn out for a reason. They’re expected to do too much with too little. Let us ease the burden by helping increase student engagement and reduce grade-level differences in the classroom.

In addition to academic tutoring and support for ELL students, we offer help preparing students for college readiness exams and applying for college. 

Choose Livius Prep for a program based on our experience and successes. While we have nearly four decades in the academic field, consider the last ten years alone. In that time, our students have scored perfect scores on the SAT/ACT over 1,000 times, have gained Ivy League acceptance over 2,000 times, and have earned, on average, $30,000 in academic scholarships.

K-12 tutoring support for districts and schools is as close as a phone call to Livius Prep. Call (617) 958-3303 or contact us online today to discuss how beneficial our programs can be to student outcomes.