K-12 Tutoring Support for Districts and Schools in Massachusetts

Livius Prep provides K-12 tutoring support for districts and schools in Massachusetts and beyond. Student success means something different for every student, but that success can be found with a personalized approach and a professional tutor. 

K-12 Tutoring Support for Districts and Schools in MassachusettsPartnership Programs with Livius Prep can be online or in-person, during the school day or after, one-on-one or small-group based. These programs work because we customize them to meet the districts’ needs, implement them professionally in parallel to classroom efforts, and adjust our approach according to tracking data and feedback.

The basis for the program will be the plan of action and formal proposal we submit, which the Livius Prep Program Director will create after a consultative meeting with the school. With each cycle of the program, we’ll take the feedback received to adjust the program in order to best help students reach success.

What to expect from the Partnership Program:

  • High-quality, professional tutors;
  • Cost-effective and fair pricing;
  • Culturally appropriate;
  • Community outreach;
  • Tracked and modified accordingly;
  • Personalized to address the district’s and students’ needs.

Livius Prep Tutors – Professionals at Their Best

Any tutoring program relies upon the quality of the tutors providing the service. Our tutors serve as employees, not independent contractors. The Livius Prep team is one of experience, education, and regular training. Tutors generally remain on the team for seven years; they’re alumni from the US’s most elite institutions of higher learning; and are meticulously trained in student engagement, learning styles, and instructional strategies.

Working Parallel to the Schools

Collaborating with the teacher and keeping in parallel to the district curriculum and state benchmarks make Livius Prep Partnerships worthwhile. We structure and adjust each program to aid students in the best manner possible.

Providing Aid Based on Need

The SAT, ACT, and MCAS tests matter a great deal to college and private school hopefuls, respectively. Achieving a high score opens doors that would otherwise remain closed, but this score will require a dual punch of knowledge and strategy. Allow the Livius Prep team to ensure students can master the test’s questions, even the tricky ones.

Applying to college and navigating the admission process are also difficult steps that your school’s seniors will face. The college counseling services that we offer help students with essay writing, application completion, resume building and interviewing. The 2×7 method that we leverage produces results that make admission letters reach mailboxes.

Some of the most academically at-risk students in most districts are students whose first language is not English. Livius Prep offers English Language Learners specialized instruction designed to address the three critical aspects of language: vocabulary, reading, and grammar.

Communication between ELL families and the school can be difficult. Livius Prep recognizes this challenge, so we translate materials into Spanish and Mandarin to promote family buy-in to the Partnership Program, an element that’s critical to every student’s success.

For a partner in Massachusetts who is ready to provide K-12 tutoring and academic support for districts and schools, call on Livius Prep. Our team awaits the opportunity to walk you through the options and schedule a consultation to create a best-fit program. Our partnerships will be personalized according to the needs of the students, their families, and the school. To request a partnership or to learn more about how they work, call (617) 958-3303.