In-Person GRE Tutoring in Newton, MA

Are you preparing for the GRE? If so, take a deep breath and call Livius Prep for in-person GRE Tutoring in Newton, MA.

Planning for graduate school should be fun, a time filled with anticipation, not dread and self-doubt. Build up your confidence and skills before your GRE test date with the help of the fully prepared and experienced tutors here at Livius Prep.

How to Prepare for the GRE

In-Person GRE Tutoring in Newton, MAPreparing for the GRE is a process, not an event. An exam that indicates whether a student is ready to participate in graduate school shouldn’t be easy, and neither should be the prep. We at Livius Prep will prepare you so that you’re ready for the content and the questions. 

Get ready to understand complex questions that may have multiple correct answers but only one best answer with our strategies for question analysis combined with a comprehensive review of the academic information you may encounter. Consider your Livius Prep tutor your new best friend as you amp up for GRE test day!

In-Person GRE Tutoring

One-on-one GRE tutoring provides graduate school candidates with personalized instruction and targeted practice. The Livius process begins with diagnostics. Why waste your time with an unnecessary review? We focus on the material you need to work on, spending the time you devote to studying well. 

Do you learn better in a small group rather than on a one-to-one basis? The concept of iron sharpens iron exists for a reason, after all. Livius Prep offers this variable of instruction as well. 

What to expect from the GRE:

  • 3 hours and 45 minutes are allowed to complete the exam
  • Sections:
    • Analytical writing (essay)
      • Analyzing an issue
      • Analyzing an argument
      • 0-6 points
    • Verbal reasoning – reading and vocabulary
      • 2 sets of 20 (multiple choice and in-statement questions)
      • 130-170 points
    • Quantitative reasoning (math)
      • 2 sets of 20 (multiple choice and numeric entry)
      • 130-170 points

When you sit for the GRE, it will be unlike other tests you’ve taken. The computer-based exam becomes easier or harder relative to your responses. The result is a precise score that accurately reflects your readiness for graduate school.

Preparation Efforts with Livius Prep

If you choose Livius Prep as your program for GRE prep, you can expect 18 hours of custom, targeted instruction throughout 12 tutoring sessions. These sessions will break down into seven sessions devoted to verbal reasoning and analytical writing and five sessions with a math focus.

GRE materials are either GRE-official or not. As you can imagine, official GRE materials are far superior to those that aren’t. That’s why Livius Prep uses only official GRE materials. Furthermore, the tutors that we approve for GRE sessions are GRE proven. 

Livius Prep deserves to be your choice for GRE prep. We’ve spent nearly four decades devoted to student success. From academic tutoring to college counseling and test prep, we offer quality tutors, a proven curriculum, practical methodologies, and a genuine commitment to our students.

For in-person GRE tutoring in Newton, MA, contact Livius Prep by phone at 800-428-8378 or by clicking here to contact us online. Upon completing our program, you’ll be ready to maximize your score and earn a place in your chosen graduate program.