In-Person GRE Tutoring in Lexington, MA

If you want to ride a ride at an amusement park, you have to meet height requirements, and if you want to go to graduate school, you have to earn an appropriate score on the GRE. Prepare with in-person GRE tutoring at Livius Prep in Lexington, MA, for the confidence, test-taking skill, and academic foundation you need to perform well. 

In-Person GRE Tutoring in Lexington, MALivius Prep’s GRE Prep Programs provide:

  • Expert tutors for the best possible outcome
  • Livius Prep GRE tutors have real-life experience and expertise per the GRE
  • Best-fit tutor promise
  • Easy communication
  • Flexible scheduling 
  • Available on a one-on-one or small-group basis
  • Meet virtually or in person at one of our three enters (Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA locations)

Preparing for GRE Success

GRE preparation is a process, and a Livius Prep tutor will be an excellent guide. The journey will begin with an exam. With an analysis of this exam, your tutor can tailor your study to focus on the areas where it’s most needed.

As you look forward to your test date, don’t rely on your tutoring sessions alone. You will also need to read and study independently to make your best score. Let us be your helping hand, coach, and cheerleader as you look forward to the next step in your education journey.

In terms of scores, the top grad schools generally require above 150 for admission consideration, and a score of 160 usually assures acceptance.

Master Question Analysis

An essential piece of the GRE is evaluating your reading and analysis skills by posing questions that a hasty, poor reader or a student with insufficient subject matter knowledge wouldn’t understand. Work with a Livius Prep tutor to master the ability to deconstruct the question and ascertain its precise purpose.

Establish Areas of Strength and Weakness

The diagnostic exam you’ll take in the beginning will be key to successful preparation. Livius Prep’s experts will analyze the results and establish a baseline and blueprint for the targeted study. Allow us to work with you to create a custom program of preparation. Expect a challenging period of study; we would be failing you otherwise. 

Get ready to be the Rocky of academia, running the stairs to the “Eye of the Tiger” with targeted practice, readings, and review sessions. When done, you’ll be in the best academic shape of your life, fully prepared to overcome the challenges of the GRE.

Monitor Preparation Efforts

With a baseline and a goal in mind, you can begin to work toward accomplishing it. Livius Prep experts will guide you through study, provide insight into areas that need the most study, and help you track the progress that you’re making to maximize your resulting score. 

GRE Programs at Livius Prep

  • 12 tutoring sessions over 18 hours
    • 7 tutoring sessions spent working on verbal reasoning and writing
    • 5 tutoring sessions focused on quantitative reasoning
  • In-person or virtual meetings
  • One-on-one or small group sessions
  • Adjustable schedule to accommodate work and family obligations
  • Employs official GRE materials
  • GRE tutors with advanced degrees and expertise in the exam

For in-person GRE tutoring in Lexington, MA, look no further than Livius Prep. Click here or call 800-428-8378 to learn more about our available programs and how we can help you gain admission to the best grad school for your future plans.