How to Get a Perfect SAT Test Score

If you have big dreams that include Ivy League admission and you’d like to get a perfect SAT test score, but you’re not sure how, keep reading. Livius Prep offers a program that when paired with drive and ambition will allow you to maximize your score.

How to Get a Perfect SAT Test ScoreA perfect SAT score is a rare feat. Fewer than 1% of test takers achieve it. If you want to be one of those few, dedication and proven study methods are essential.

The perfect score is a 1600. To earn this score, you’ll need to understand the test, master the material, and perfect the skill of spotting the tricks and overcoming them.

The SAT Structure and Scoring

The SAT divides into two parts: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math. These sections are scored on a scale from 200-800, so the end score can range from 400-1600, with 1600 being the highest possible score.

Achieving the top-out score will require virtual perfection. In some cases, you could get one question wrong on the language portion, but for true achievement, you shouldn’t count on it. Your test-taking skills should allow for literal perfection when you face the examination.

The Livius Prep Difference

Livius Prep has over three decades of experience helping students master their skills, improve their grades, and identify the steps they should follow for their futures.

Our SAT Test Prep program boasts an average 225-point increased score and 1,000+ perfect SAT/ACT scores. We’re the perfect partner for your SAT preparation because we don’t offer a cookie-cutter program. We have a standard methodology, but part of the best practices we embrace is to prioritize individual learning needs and differences.

SAT Prep Options – Begin with a free Foundations Course. This four-week program will provide virtual instruction regarding test-taking strategies and skills. It culminates with a practice test that will allow us to identify your further preparation needs.

The Livius Prep Courses available include the base level Prep Essentials, 12 Hours of Online Private Tutoring, and 12 Hours of In-House Private Tutoring. Our program will empower you to put in the time needed – on your own schedule without sacrificing part-time work, social activities, or extracurricular commitments.

Our approach, based on Mastering and Secrets of the SAT, will provide you with practice, identification of strengths and weakness, skills/strategies, confidence-building, and every other aspect needed to help you achieve the highest possible test result.

The Livius Prep 8+ Methodology

  • Compare
  • Match
  • Plan
  • Enlighten
  • Practice
  • Challenge
  • Adapt
  • Execute

This methodology allows you to follow a common-sense approach to identifying your weaknesses, developing strategies for overcoming them, practicing for a consistent perfect result, and implementing your plan on the day of the test.

The perfect scoring student usually does not achieve his or her score by luck, skill, or simple smarts. Rather, a combination of all of the above plus hard work and preparation combine to result in a perfect SAT score. This fact explains why the score is held in such esteem by colleges. A perfect score can cover a number of problematic items on transcripts and even a lack of extracurricular activities.

If you’re ready to pursue your maximum potential, Livius Prep programs are the answer to how you can get a perfect SAT score. To begin your exam-readiness boot camp, sign up online or give us a call at 800-428-8378.