Hiring a College Admissions Counselor

The best shot the students in your household have for receiving admissions packets rather than rejection letters comes from hiring a college admissions counselor from Livius Prep. Our admissions specialists have the dedication, experience, and know-how to guide students through an often confusing application process.

Hiring a College Admissions CounselorA professional college counselor assists students as they wade through the complexities of applying for colleges. We at Livius Prep offer several packages with different levels of assistance, depending on the challenges faced. All of our counselors are highly educated, matriculating from the elite universities of the United States, thoroughly trained, and extremely experienced.

We have Livius Prep facility locations in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA, in addition to online options to accommodate student schedules, lifestyles, and locations.

At Livius Prep, we help students gain entry to their top choice colleges. For 96% of our students, they earn acceptance to one of their top three options. When college acceptance matters, our service can be the difference maker.

The goal of top-choice college admission is difficult to accomplish in the highly selective world of academia. Standing out and presenting the balanced, vital, and unique image colleges seek may require the type of guidance we provide.

  • Essay Writing Package – one-on-one essay review to cover brainstorming through final copy for an effective, stand-out result.
  • College Counseling – full guidance throughout college admissions, includes identifying choice schools, essay writing, polishing applications, interview prep, and every other relevant factor.
  • Distinguished College Counseling – comprehensive admissions guidance with a focus on Ivy League acceptance. Consider our success over the last decade, with 5,000+ admissions to the Iveys, as you choose a package.
  • Counseling and Tutoring Bundles – full assistance with applications, exam prep, and academic tutoring, appropriate for students whose records require a bit of polish before filing any applications.

Elements that students may need help with are vast and varied. We encourage you to speak with our staff regarding your specific needs. We provide assistance with essays, extracurricular planning, financial aid, time management, exam prep, academic tutoring, college research, senior year course selection, early decision, waitlisting, college interview prep, letters of recommendation, and so much more.

A private college counselor offers direct attention to an individual student’s needs, something a high school counselor is unable to do. Rather than being pulled in hundreds of directions and being forced to provide one-size-fits-all guidance, we work for the student, one at a time.

Livius Prep comes to college counseling, academic tutoring, and exam prep with 37 years of experience and over one million tutoring sessions provided to students. In the last decade, our students averaged $30k each in academic-scholarships earned and over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT exam scores.

Livius Prep comes to each student on an individual basis. Your goals, plans, preferences, and needs inform our approach to your college admissions process. With a college counselor from Livius Prep, you should expect a coach and expert guide. If you’re dissatisfied with the counselor provided, we will exchange the counselor for one who’s more suitable and credit the session back to your program.

As the highschooler in your household prepares to apply for college, consider hiring a college admissions counselor from Livius Prep. We provide professional guidance throughout the process, improving your odds of acceptance and helping create an anxiety-free experience during a time that should be exciting and joyful.