High School Test Prep & Tutoring Programs

High school test prep & tutoring programs are as close as Livius Prep. As you know, being prepared is the first step towards academic success. At Livius Prep we offer tutoring support for AP exams and other coursework to assist you in demonstrating mastery of specific subjects.

High School Test Prep & Tutoring ProgramsFounded in 1984, Livius Prep was established with a commitment to student success and excellence. Over the past 30-plus years we have helped thousands of students improve their scores on a host of tests such as the ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP exams. We are proud that at least 2,000 of our students have gone on to attend Ivy League universities.

Our gifted team of instructors includes masters and doctoral degree recipients who are equipped to tutor students in all subject areas including English, physics, molecular biology, cultural and world history, and engineering.

Prepping for AP Exams and Courses

Advanced Placement, or AP, is a term used to apply to both the culminating exam and the course itself. These classes are designed to provide high school students with college-level work.

In order to get college credit for AP courses, students must pass the exam at the end of the course. However, it is possible to take the course without taking the exam and vice versa.

Of course, taking the class is the best way to prepare for the exam, but some schools offer course work in non-AP classes that is sufficient for preparation. Students are allowed to get tutoring for these classes and exams and can study outside of the school.

Most colleges consider AP courses to be challenging and rigorous. And, because studies show that students who take the courses and pass the exams do better in college, taking AP classes can strengthen your college application and improve your probability of attaining admission to competitive schools.

Students who earn high scores on their AP exams might be offered college credit or the ability to skip introductory classes once accepted into the college of their choice. That helps you move into the upper-level, major-focused, classes more quickly which in turn means you could graduate faster.

Unlike the SAT and ACT, these AP exams are only held once a year (in May) and you only have one opportunity to do well. Preparation and scheduling are tantamount to your potential for success. If you think you might be struggling in your AP class and are uncertain about how well you will do on the exam, consider hiring a Livius Prep AP tutor.

Because our tutors are experts in their fields they can help you in all subject areas whether they are AP classes or not. No matter what academic area you find the most challenging, we have a professional available to help you do the best you can.

High school test prep & tutoring programs at Livius Prep are an investment in your academic success on all fronts. Give us a call today at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our current offers and pricing.