High School Academic Tutors Newton, MA

There is no better place to find high school academic tutors in Newton, MA than at Livius Prep. Whether you are looking to close learning gaps in specific subjects, or master skills and strategies in preparation for standardized tests, we can help. And, academically gifted students can benefit from instructors that can take them to the next level in their academic pursuits.

High School Academic Tutors Newton, MAStudent success and excellence has been Livius Prep’s number one commitment since our inception in 1984. For more than 30 years we have helped thousands of students improve their skills in individual academic areas as well as their scores on the ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT, and SAT subject tests.

Livius Prep’s dedicated team of instructors is highly equipped to tutor students of all ages in all subject matter. Our experts include those with PhDs and Master’s degrees in fields that include English, cultural and world history, molecular biology, physics, and engineering.

Academic Tutoring

Whether you are hoping to maintain a high grade point average, struggling with a difficult class or concept, or simply trying to improve your writing and reading skills, Livius Prep can help. Our services include (but aren’t limited to):

Science: A number of our tutors are graduates from top colleges like Berkeley and MIT. They have had careers in government agencies that include NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the US Geological Survey. These tutors can provide students with rich and deep understandings of physics, biology, chemistry, and much more. 

English & Language Arts: No matter what subject you are focusing on, reading and writing are critical to them all. Our seasoned professional tutors are experts in vocabulary, grammar, active reading, literature, and effective writing. Students will come to understand the power of the written word and will appreciate the higher scores they receive from teachers.

Math: Whether you need short or long term instruction in math, Livius Prep can help. Our instructors will customize strategies and offer concrete lessons and assistance coupled with a positive attitude to ensure struggling students become confident ones.

Test Preparation Tutoring

High school begins the season of stressful standardized tests that can make or break your future. Livius Prep provides one-on-one personalized test prep tutoring that will provide all a student needs to succeed. We offer tutoring for the following tests:

  • SAT- Livius Prep SAT students have improved their scores by 181 points on average.
  • ACT– Livius Prep ACT students have improved their scores by 6 points on average.
  • PSAT– Livius Prep has a proprietary manual, “Mastering the SAT” that includes almost 800 pages of essential PSAT information.
  • AP Exams– AP scores can be used by colleges for placement purposes and college credit. We offer tutoring for the courses and the AP tests.
  • SSAT- With SSAT tutoring your student will be best prepared to apply for admission to private elementary, middle, and high schools.

High school academic tutors in Newton, MA are best found at Livius Prep where we deliver one-on-one tutoring programs for all grade levels and subject areas. Contact us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to get more information about our current offers and pricing.