High-Impact Tutoring Programs for Schools

Teachers have to wear far too many hats. Why not take one of those hats, the tutor one, and allow a trustworthy professional to wear it for a while? Livius Prep provides high-impact tutoring programs for schools. We want to collaborate with you to provide students with the additional help they need to close achievement gaps. 

High-Impact Tutoring Programs for SchoolsSchool districts who turn to Livius Prep for tutoring support can rely on our nearly four decades of experience. We love students and take great pride in their success stories! Consider the past ten years as a reference. Our students have earned more than 2,000 Ivy League acceptance letters, over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, and an average of $30k in merit-based scholarships per student!

Our programs are thoughtfully designed and targeted to provide students with compassionate and appropriate learning experiences. Expect to see substantial progress following our interventions! We’re eager to provide your students with extra help, not in competition with teachers, interrupting instructional time, but as a collaboration.

Overcoming Challenges to Tutoring

Tutoring is not a magic fix. The process requires specific elements in place and implemented well. Livius Prep has the experience, professionals, and practices needed to help your students as they deserve, with the knowledge and skills of professionals and the compassion and friendliness of devoted education advocates.

Quality, Proven Curriculum

As schools deal with shortages of teachers and substitutes, they find themselves forced to rely on support staff and other community members who may not be certified or prepared for much more than keeping a classroom calm. 

As serious as this problem is, it’s not the only urgent need that schools face. The pandemic has left students across the country with significant learning gaps caused by shutdowns and virtual learning. The students who could not participate in these measures have been even more seriously affected. Recovering from this situation should be a top priority for all of us. 

Tutors can provide an avenue to help limit the damage done in these situations, but they require a quality curriculum that complements that used by the district. We at Livius Prep focus on targeted measures that require mastery of skills before progressing so that we fill any overlooked learning gaps. 

Quality Communication and Student Access

Another challenge can be access to tutoring. With our Partnership Programs, all students can have access throughout the school district. Not only do we offer physical tutoring for all students, but we also offer culturally sensitive responses to the needs of individual students and translation services for students and their families who speak Spanish or Mandarin as their primary language.

When we partner with schools, we bring tutoring to students and operate flexibly. Students can meet with us at the school, at one of our facilities in Wellesley, Lexington, or Newton, or in the virtual domain. In addition to adjusting the mode of our tutoring sessions, we can meet with students during the school day or after. Breaking down barriers to access for all students is one of the primary benefits of the Livius Prep Partnership Program.

High-impact tutoring programs for schools can benefit students and teachers, but the provider must be experienced and prepared. Livius Prep offers customizable programs focusing on test prep, academic support, college counseling, and ELL support services. Start designing your school’s program today by calling (617) 958-3303 or following this link to send us a message online.