High-Impact Tutoring Programs for Schools in Massachusetts

High-impact tutoring programs for schools are those that occur in high doses via one-on-one or small group sessions, and in Massachusetts, Livius Prep provides customizable, trackable programs that will meet the needs of your educational agency effectively.

High-Impact Tutoring Programs for Schools in MassachusettsBy incorporating these programs into the toolbox of the school, students stand a much better chance of having their knowledge and ability gaps identified and filled. During a time when all students are struggling with Covid-related learning loss, this tool can help mitigate the long term educational impact of the pandemic.

Livius Prep has 37 years of experience in the field of academic assistance. We offer academic tutoring in math and ELA, test prep programs, and operate as a supplement to the classroom. Students who participate in programs that partner with the agency experience exponentially greater results than programs that operate in isolation.

We at Livius Prep offer proven high-impact tutoring programs based upon customizable structure and curriculum to fit the specific demands of particular academic agencies.

The process that will ensue when you consider Livius Prep to partner with your public, private, or charter school or other educational organization will begin with a collaborative meeting to help identify the best program for your educational agency’s needs.

Following this decision, we will begin the work toward drafting a plan of action, creating a formal proposal, and submitting it to the educational agency for approval. With approval will come the design of your program and then the implementation of it. Throughout the program’s implementation, we encourage feedback and collect measurements in order to adjust the program for best results.

Highlights of a Livius Prep Partnership:

  • Modifiable in structure and curriculum
  • Competitive rates
  • Culturally responsive
  • Community engaging
  • Progress tracked
  • ELL accommodated
  • Spanish and Mandarin translations offered

The SAT/ACT test prep curriculum that we offer focuses on two essential steps to success on either of these exams. While all questions are based on a working set of knowledge, the test also examines students’ abilities to critically read, examine, and respond to questions. By working through Livius Prep curriculum with our professional tutors, students will be able to make the best possible score.

College counseling is yet another avenue of assistance that we can provide. Applying for college is incredibly competitive and involved, and students often need much more help than the counseling center at the school is able to provide. We boil down the application process to a 2×7 methodology that allows students to develop themes and apply them throughout every aspect of the process – from completing the application, perfecting the essay, and even preparing for the interview.

Livius Prep also provides support for students who are dealing with the same standards as other students, yet their original language is one other than English. We offer assistance for English Language Learners (ELL) by providing effective strategies for developing vocabulary, in-depth grammar instruction, and greater reading rates and comprehension.

With a well-developed high-impact tutoring program, a school is able to engage the needs of students effectively, and in Massachusetts, Livius Prep provides these services on an in-person or online basis. We offer the services nationwide online as well. Explore the Partnership Programs that we provide further by contacting us today at (617) 958-3303 or by email. We welcome all inquiries as we work toward helping the students of each generation find success.