High-Impact Tutoring Massachusetts

School districts in Massachusetts interested in professionally implemented high-impact tutoring will find Livius Prep to be as committed to your students’ success as you are. The Partnership Programs we offer provide flexibility of curriculum and structure – focusing on language and math tutoring, ELL support, SAT/ACT and MCAS test prep, or college counseling. 

High-Impact Tutoring MassachusettsLivius Prep can provide tutoring on-site at the school or virtually, on a 1:1 basis, in small groups, and during or after school. 

The tutors on staff at Livius Prep are experienced and prepared to aid your students. We hire graduates from the best colleges and universities in the United States. Extensive knowledge isn’t enough, though. We also provide thorough training related to methods and measurement and incorporate an intensive oversight system as well. Choose Livius Prep, and the difference between professional and amateur tutors will be clear.

Livius Prep tutors collaborate with the schools they serve, working in parallel to the classroom rather than in isolation. In fact, every program’s design follows a meeting between the school and our Program Director to make sure that we begin with a best-fit course of action. As we implement the program, we’ll continue to make modifications based on measurements and feedback.

The Livius Prep Difference

With all the tutoring programs available, why should your district choose Livius Prep?

Allow our record to speak for us. We’ve operated in the academic world for nearly four decades, providing academic tutoring, test prep, and college counseling. During that time, we’ve helped 1,000+ students achieve perfect SAT/ACT scores, over 2,500 students earn admissions to the Ivy League, and led students to an average of $30k in merit-based scholarships.

A Partnership Program with Livius Prep will not focus solely on the students. We include outreach to the community, offering translations in Spanish and Mandarin for families, and other outreach efforts to increase parental and family support. Families and communities will need to play their parts for a complete district transformation.

Whether your school community is a public, private, or charter, your students have likely experienced learning loss over the past few years of dealing with the consequences of COVID-19. Extended school closures and limited virtual instruction have been problematic, to say the least. Our math and language tutoring services can help recover from these pressures and more.

Support for ELL students is one of our most critical supports. These students are often the ones who fall through the cracks, and we offer services to improve vocabulary acquisition, reading fluency and comprehension, and grammar use.

Our current partnerships span a wide range of schools and other educational organizations, and we have a strong history of successful outcomes.

Livius Prep test prep gives students the strategies they need to sit for the ACT or SAT with confidence and skill. We’ll review content material while teaching how to approach the various types of questions students will see during the exam.

The college counseling that we provide can make up for overextended counseling staff. We’ll guide students through essay composition, application completion, resume building, interviewing, and financial aid. 

High-impact tutoring from Livius Prep is available in-person for schools throughout Massachusetts and online for students all over the United States. Explore the possibilities or schedule a consultation today by calling (617) 958-3303 or completing an online contact form by clicking here.