High-Impact Tutoring in Massachusetts

High-impact tutoring from Livius Prep in Massachusetts offers public, private, and charter schools, as well as other educational organizations, effective solutions to resolve achievement gaps, struggles with English acquisition, and the rigors of the college admission process.

High-Impact Tutoring in MassachusettsWe know how to provide supplemental tutoring programs that work.

In this phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, as students return to physical school and discover that a couple of years of subpar education have led to learning deficits, they require the custom academic assistance needed to recover academically from the damage caused by extended school shutdowns and virtual classes.

The Partnership Programs offered by Livius Prep provide high-impact tutoring that operates in parallel to classroom experiences. The outcomes of this design are measured and tracked student progress so that we can modify and improve programs, cycle by cycle.

The Real Info on Pandemic Learning Loss (from EdWeek Research Center)

  • 17 million students have experienced learning loss due to Covid-19.
  • 97% of teachers believe students to have fallen behind as a result of the pandemic.

Partnering Professionals from Livius Prep

The ideal providers of supplemental education programs are professionals in instruction, which are exactly what our staff provides. We hire graduates of the best universities in the United States, as employees, not contractors. Not only are our tutors well-educated, but they’re also well-trained in instructional methodologies. Knowing information isn’t enough; tutors must be able to effectively communicate, direct student engagement, and gauge the effectiveness of the approach being used and transition to another when needed.

Establishing and Customizing Programs Based on Data

Establishing and customizing programs to work well for your district is critical to the partnerships that we provide. By leveraging data and feedback, we can modify programs so that students see greater progress in less time.

We at Livius Prep also recognize that any collaboration with the classroom will need to be in-line with state required benchmarks and complement the materials that teachers use in the classrooms.

The Livius Prep Partnership Program Process

  1. Meeting between Livius Prep Program Director and educational agency to determine the best-fit program.
  2. The Program Director creates a plan of action.
  3. Formal proposal submission, consideration, and hopefully approval.
  4. Collaborative planning and implementation.
  5. Reflective adjustments based on feedback and data following each cycle.

Programs that we implement will be tailored to the agency’s needs in both structure and curriculum. We provide academic assistance in ELA and math, test prep for the SAT/ACT or MCAS, ELL support, and college counseling.

The structure of your program can be online or in-person for local districts in Massachusetts or online for agencies in other states.The programs can operate during or after the school day, and sessions may be either 1:1 or small group based.

We strive to provide competitively priced options and build programs that are appropriately responsive to cultural differences. With Livius Prep supplemental programs, you’ll have a community-wide transformation. We engage with students, the school, parents, and the community, and we offer materials translated into Spanish or Mandarin for families as well.

Maximize the high-impact tutoring offered to students in your Massachusetts school by choosing Livius Prep. We bring 37 years of experience, an expert-level staff, research-based best practices, and more to the table. If you’d like to discuss integrating a Partnership Program into your educational agency, reach out today via email or by calling (617) 958-3303.