High-Dosage Tutoring

High-dosage tutoring provided by Livius Prep offers students in public, private, and charter schools, in addition to other educational institutions, measures to build a strong foundation for academic success. From college aspirations to English acquisition and reading and math benchmarks, your students’ goals become our mission.

High-Dosage TutoringLivius Prep has the experience and expertise to effectively help your students.

Are your students suffering the long-term effects of pandemic-inspired school closures and online classes? The learning loss for students in districts across the country is a serious problem, leaving schools and teachers scrambling for solutions. Enter Livius Prep.

Our Partnership Programs work in collaboration with a teacher-led curriculum rather than in isolation. Each cycle of our programs will result in new approaches based on measurements and tracking of the progress made. This data-driven approach allows us to maximize results.

Professional Tutoring from Livius Prep

When tutors come into your school to help students, they prioritize experience and professionalism. Livius Prep tutors matriculate from the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the US, and we provide intensive, thorough training regarding how students learn, how to present material, and how to measure success. A Livius Prep tutor is a professional working with us as an employee, not a contractor. Rely on us to provide a safe, effective tutor for your students, whether in-person or online.

Livius Prep has a solid history to stand on. Our services have led to more than 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, more than 2,500 Ivy League acceptances, and an average of $30 in merit-based scholarships per student.

Drafting, Implementing, and Monitoring a Partnership Program Plan

The plan for a partnership program with your school will be fully personalized to meet the needs of the students in your district. We create the plan based on information provided by the district and hard data gleaned through measurements. 

We work to mastery, using classroom curriculum, state-mandated objectives, and district guidance, realizing that when we work in conjunction with your programs, the results will be so much greater!

Getting Started:

The process of beginning a Partnership Plan is straightforward. Schedule a meeting with our Program Director to collaborate on the needs and goals of the program.

With this information, the Program Director will draft a plan and begin creating a formal proposal.

Upon approval by the district for the plan, we will begin implementation, making modifications as each cycle of the program ends based on feedback and formal measurements.

Program Considerations:

  • Curriculum support available
    • ELA academic support
    • Math academic support
    • SAT, ACT, MCAS exam prep
    • ELL support
    • College counseling and application support
  • Structural options available
    • Online or in-person for Massachusetts school districts
    • Online for out-of-state districts
    • Held during the school day or after school
    • Small-group-based or one-on-one sessions

Livius Prep provides culturally appropriate, cost-effective academic assistance to schools nationwide. One of the keys that we understand about academic improvement is the need for community involvement, so your school’s program will include outreach and communication with parents and the community, providing materials translated into Mandarin or Spanish as necessary and encouraging parental engagement. 

Engage Livius Prep for successful high-dosage tutoring for your school! Our nearly four decades of work in the academic field, professional team, proven methodologies, and dedication to students make us the choice for any informed school district interested in a Partnership Program for student improvement. Learn more today by calling (617) 958-3303, by email, or by completing this online contact form.