GRE Tutoring Online

If your plans include attending graduate school, they’ll also include sitting for the GRE. Graduate admission to the school of your choice is far more likely with an improved score, and with GRE tutoring online from Livius Prep, a quality score will be far more likely. 

GRE Tutoring OnlineThe general version of the GRE exam will focus as much on your ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information as it will on your general knowledge. Since you’ll need both to succeed in graduate courses, the test will examine both as well. 

The GRE exam will consist of the following:

  • 2 sections of verbal reasoning (reading and vocabulary)
  • 2 sections of quantitative reasoning (math)
  • 2 sections of writing (essay)

Test-takers have three hours and ten minutes to take the tests. The test itself is computer-based and is designed to become more challenging based upon the answers given, so no student should expect to find the exam easy.

Preparation for the GRE Exam

GRE preparation requires sustained effort. One study session will simply not be enough; prepare yourself with a season of intense study. Some students work well alone and will thrive without a tutor; others may just need study sessions with peers. However, all students will find an extra boost with expert help. Livius Prep GRE tutors bring expertise and experience to the table.

With a dedication to regular study and a healthy respect for the difficulty of the GRE, you’ll be able to participate in a program of study with Livius Prep tutors for confidence and readiness on exam day.

The Importance of Reading Skills

Reading is absolutely essential to success on the GRE exam. The questions require close reading, as do the passages on the exam. Become a voracious reader. The more natural the reading process becomes, the greater potential for success in preparing and mastering the GRE.

Prepare in a Targeted Program

Targeted study allows you to prepare in the most efficient manner possible. We’ll begin with a diagnostic exam in order to identify areas that can be covered quickly because you already have mastery of them and those that need more intensive instruction and review. 

As you work your way through GRE preparation, you can track how far you’ve come by sitting for practice tests at predetermined times. This data can help inform you of how effective your process is, and the details of the results can further inform the content of your study.

No two GRE candidates require the exact same preparation efforts. That’s why Livius Prep tutors expertly modify the programs we implement in order to meet the needs of individual students. 

Breakdown of the Livius Prep GRE Preparation Program

  • 18 hours of tutoring over 12 sessions
  • 7 sessions with a focus on language (vocabulary, reading, and writing)
  • 5 sessions with a focus on math
  • Online or in-person at one of our facilities (Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA)
  • One-on-one or small-group based
  • Program customized based on diagnostic GRE test
  • Flexibility of scheduling based upon your test date and availability
  • Based on official GRE materials
  • All GRE tutors with postgraduate degrees themselves for real-life GRE experience

Whether online or in-person, GRE tutoring will lead you toward the gates of graduate school! Reach out today to book your program with Livius Prep by following this link to contact us online or by calling 800-428-8378.