GRE Tutor Near Me

If you’re searching for a GRE tutor “near me,” your search is over. Livius Prep provides expert tutors online to students, no matter their location. All you’ll need is an internet connection and the drive to succeed. We offer in-person preparation at our centers in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA.

GRE Tutor Near MeAdmission into graduate school requires sitting for the GRE and demonstrating the propensity to perform well during graduate-level courses by performing well on the exam. Most graduate schools will require at least a 150 score, and a score of 160 will open doors. The test itself will evaluate how well graduate candidates solve problems and apply knowledge. 

Livius Prep GRE tutors are all experienced with the GRE themselves; they all have post-graduate degrees. They guide students through a season of preparing for the GRE. When an exam is as important as the GRE, and the content is as rigorous, preparation ought to be immersive and challenging.

Breaking Down the GRE Test

Performance on the GRE General Test indicates whether a student is ready to attend graduate school. Some programs will also require that you need to take a GRE Subject Test. Preparation for these exams will require a committed, sustained effort; they’re not meant to be easy for anyone.

The GRE Exam’s Structure

  • Two verbal reasoning sections (reading/vocabulary)
    • Verbal Reasoning Reading Comprehension
      • Identifying main ideas
      • Analyzing details
      • Making inferences
      • Drawing conclusions
    • Verbal Reasoning Vocabulary
      • Building college-level vocabulary 
      • Context clues
      • Synonyms
  • Two quantitative sections (math)
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry
    • Pre-calculus
    • Statistics
    • Data analysis
  • Two writing sections (essay composition)
    • Argumentative essay on random topic
    • Literary analysis of an author’s argument

When you sit for the GRE, you’ll have three hours and ten minutes to finish the entire exam. Breaks aren’t included in this time. On occasion, the GRE will add sections used for research, and time will be added for those sections.

You’ll take the GRE on the computer. The exam is interesting because it will adapt to your answers, whether they’re right or wrong. Your performance will dictate the difficulty of the exam as it progresses, allowing the score to be much more precise than other uniform exams. 

The Livius Prep GRE Preparation Program’s Structure:

  • Total of 12 sessions over 18 hours
  • 7 sessions dedicated to verbal and writing
  • 5 sessions dedicated to math
  • Online or in-person (Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA Livius Prep centers)
  • 1:1 or small group based
  • Based on GRE official materials
  • Led by post-graduate degree holders, all with real-life GRE experience
  • Flexible scheduling depending on test date and availability

We’ll start your program with a pre-test to diagnose areas that need work as well as those that can be more lightly reviewed. This data will form the basis for the entire course. Our tutors are skilled in adjusting the material to suit individual students’ needs. 

By the end of a GRE prep program with us, you’ll be confident and ready to sit for the exam, overcoming any challenges you may face. Do you have the ambition and drive that it will take to succeed in graduate courses?

Prepare for the GRE with a tutor “near me,” no matter where that may be by choosing Livius Prep’s online programs. Our programs, tutors, and curriculum produce results. Book now by clicking here or calling 800-428-8378.