GRE Tutor in Wellesley, MA

Graduate school admission will require a quality GRE score, but you shouldn’t expect an easy measurement. The GRE exam covers a broad swath of information and poses questions designed to require critical thinking and analysis, so preparation for this important test shouldn’t be taken lightly. Engage a GRE tutor from Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA to make the best score possible.

GRE Preparations

GRE Tutor in Wellesley, MAThe GRE exam consists of the following sections:

  • Two verbal reasoning sections (reading and vocabulary)
  • Two quantitative reasoning sections (math)
  • Two writing sections (essay composition)
  • Potential unscored sections for research purposes

Establishing an Initial Readiness Level

Whether you choose to study independently or with a program like that offered by Livius Prep, the place to begin is to find out where you are in terms of preparedness. You can do this by taking a practice test. Your performance will provide a baseline and a bit of insight into areas where you should concentrate your efforts.

Livius Prep requires that each GRE Program begin with a diagnostic test, and we do use the results to inform the design and implementation of your program.

Set a Goal Score

Before taking the GRE, you will likely have a few different graduate programs in mind. It shouldn’t be difficult to determine the average GRE scores of graduate students who are admitted to the program, so your goal should be to score above that number.

We at Livius Prep generally advise students that prestigious programs respond positively to scores greater than 150, and scores above 160 should be your ticket to the grad program of your choice.

Devise a Preparation Plan

With a practice score and a target score, you’ll be able to identify the gains you’ll need to make. Whether you choose to prepare independently or with the help of Livius Prep professionals, make sure that you hold yourself to a schedule and commit to regular study.

Master Question Deconstruction

GRE questions aren’t meant to be straightforward, knowledge based queries. Instead, the questions are meant to make test-takers read analytically and think critically. Allow the Livius GRE program to explicitly teach you how to approach these questions for success.

Reflect GRE Conditions in Practice Conditions

The actual GRE exam is computer-based and adaptive. As test-takers answer correctly or incorrectly, the progressive questions adapt to their level for an even more precise score. Livius Prep uses GRE authentic materials for preparation, providing a simulated, realistic environment for transferable results and confidence building.

Livius Prep GRE Preparation Program

  • 7 sessions focused on verbal reasoning and writing
    • Reading Comprehension (identifying main ideas, analyzing details, making inferences, and drawing conclusions)
    • Vocabulary (college-level vocabulary, context clues, and synonyms)
    • Writing skills (argumentative essay and analysis essay)
  • 5 sessions focused on quantitative reasoning skills
    • Algebra 2, geometry, pre-calculus, high-school level statistics and data analysis
  • In-person or online
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Strategy based for test-taking skill development
  • Academic skill review
  • Adaptable for individual students
  • Designed around results of a pre-program practice test
  • Official GRE materials for effective practice questions and homework assignments
  • GRE instructors with graduate degrees

Lock in your graduate school admission with the professional preparation available with the GRE program and tutor available at Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA. Explore this program and all of its benefits today by calling 800-428-8378 or following this link.