GRE Tutor in Newton, MA

If your future plans include graduate school, they also include taking and passing the GRE. Prepare for the GRE with a tutor to maximize your score; you’ll find extremely well-prepared and skilled professionals at Livius Prep in Newton, MA.

GRE Tutor in Newton, MAThe GRE is not an exam that requires a quick weekend cram session for successful results. This exam requires critical thinking, problem solving, and a strong academic foundation. The Livius GRE Program offers the techniques needed to deconstruct and analyze the questions in order to reach the best answer along with a refresher in a broad range of academic arenas.

About the GRE General Test

The purpose of the GRE General Test is to evaluate a student’s preparedness for graduate school participation. Depending on the graduate program you hope to attend, you could also need to perform well on a GRE Subject Test.

The GRE General Test’s structure includes two verbal reasoning sections (reading/vocabulary), two quantitative reasoning sections (math), and two writing sections (essay).

  • Verbal Reasoning Reading Comprehension – identifying main ideas, analyzing details, making inferences, and drawing conclusions
  • Verbal Reasoning Vocabulary – building vocabulary, context clues, and synonyms
  • Writing Skills – crafting an argumentative essay as well as a literary analysis
  • Quantitative Reasoning Skills – Algebra 2, geometry, pre-calculus, statistics, and data analysis

You’ll have a total time of three hours and ten minutes to complete the entire test. The GRE may include a couple of sections used by the test creators for research purposes, and if it does, you’ll have additional time for those sections.

Administration of the GRE is computer-based, and the exam adapts to the student’s correct or incorrect answers, adjusting difficulty in response to student level. This adaptive process reaches a more accurate final score.

If you plan to attend an elite grad program, you will need a minimum score of 150, and if you score above 160, consider yourself a GRE Master.

The Livius Prep GRE Program

Maximize your GRE preparation with a quality program from Livius Prep. The program will consist of a total of twelve sessions equal to a total of eighteen hours. Of the twelve sessions, seven will be to prepare for the verbal and writing portions, and five will focus on math preparation.

We offer GRE prep both online or in-person at one of our centers in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA, and you can choose between private tutoring with just you and the tutor or a small group setting. We recognize that some students prefer individual attention while others feed off of the energy of a couple of peers in the mix.

At the beginning of the program, we will ask you to take a diagnostic test that we can evaluate and apply to your preparation, focusing on the areas that require growth rather than wasting time on areas you have already mastered.

The materials and tutors that we provide are ideal for GRE prep. The materials are GRE official, and all of the GRE tutors at Livius Prep have taken and succeeded on the GRE themselves. Throughout your sessions, rely on the tutor to cater to your needs, adapting the experience as required for optimal results.

Secure GRE success with a Livius Prep tutor in Newton, MA. We provide the best practices, tutors, and materials needed for effective preparation efforts. Learn more about the GRE program by calling 800-428-8378 or following this link.