GRE Tutor in Lexington, MA

The GRE is the equivalent for admission into graduate programs as the SAT or ACT is for undergraduate admission. Just as the latter exams demonstrate college readiness, the GRE shows that a student is ready for advanced studies in graduate programs. GRE scores play a substantial role in graduate admission, but you can find a qualified tutor in Lexington, MA here at Livius Prep to make that score as high as possible.

GRE Tutor in Lexington, MAThe GRE General Test runs the gamut of academic sectors, testing your analysis and evaluation skills as much as it does your academic foundation. Success in graduate school requires both a depth of knowledge and skills as well as the ability to solve problems and think critically and creatively.

Let’s discuss a few steps that you can take to prepare for success on the GRE exam.

Create a Plan for GRE Prep and Stick to It

Preparing for the GRE will not be a one-and-done study session. You will need to carve out several weeks of preparation time whether you choose to study independently or with the help of a tutor like those provided with the Livius GRE Prep Program.

The worst thing that you can do is underprepare or underestimate the difficulty of the GRE. Devote time daily to thoroughly prepare and build confidence.

Invest in Developing Analytical Reading Skills

Understanding the questions posed and the reading passages on the GRE is critical to answering those questions and analyzing those passages. Practice by developing these skills in everyday life by consuming varied literature and nonfiction. By integrating this one habit, you’ll be a step ahead in GRE preparation.

Track Progress through Practice Tests

Making up the difference between your starting point and your goal is a journey that you can track. As you prepare and take intermittent practice tests, you can measure the progress that you’ve made. Livius Prep makes this process easier because we do the tracking for you. We also use an initial practice test to establish a starting point by identifying areas of strength and weakness.

Build upon Strengths and Strengthen Weaknesses

Time management when preparing for the GRE is important. Wasting time on elements that you thoroughly understand is avoidable. Livius Prep begins by identifying test-takers’ strengths and weaknesses in order to design a plan that works toward bringing all areas toward mastery, and some areas will require more focus than others.

The right GRE prep plan for you will differ from one for another graduate prospect, and while we at Livius Prep use the same basic framework, our tutors make adjustments based on student needs to create a more targeted program for each student. Every lesson will challenge you in terms of content or skill; effortless practice is pointless when preparing for an exam with the rigor of the GRE.

Choose Livius Prep’s GRE Prep Program

  • 18 hours of tutoring
  • 12 tutoring sessions
    • 7 sessions devoted to reading, vocabulary, and writing
    • 5 sessions devoted to math
  • In-person or online
  • 1:1 or small group
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Based on an office diagnostic practice test
  • Uses official GRE materials
  • GRE instructors with postgraduate degrees and GRE experience

A GRE tutor from Livius Prep in Lexington, MA is your guide toward admission worthy scores. Schedule a program built around your availability and test date today by calling 800-428-8378 or clicking here to contact us online.