GRE Private Tutors

Does the anticipation of sitting for the GRE have you stressed out, wondering if the benefits of private tutors are worth the expense? When you consider the difficulty of the test and the expertise of the GRE tutors at Livius Prep, this decision becomes easier. 

Gauging the Difficulty of the GRE

GRE Private TutorsThe purpose of the GRE is to gauge whether graduate school candidates are up to the difficulty of graduate-level work, so as you can imagine, the rigor of the test is advanced. Your abilities to think critically, evaluate the intention of questions, and demonstrate a broad knowledge base are the skills under examination.

The adaptive nature of the GRE makes the test difficult for everyone. The difficulty of progressive questions depends on the accuracy of the previous answers to questions. For instance, the math or “Quantitative Section” begins at a medium level of difficulty. If you perform poorly on the first section, the second will be much easier; average performance will mean the second section remains at a medium level of difficulty; and mastery of the first section will result in a challenging second section to identify the creme de la creme of test takers.

The responsiveness of the test means that the score is a far more accurate indicator of your readiness for graduate work. 

The preparation measures you pursue will also determine how difficult you find the GRE. The better prepared you are, the easier the test will seem and the greater confidence you’ll have.

Content on the GRE:

  • 2 Verbal Reasoning Sections (Language)
    • Reading Comprehension
      • Identifying main ideas
      • Analyzing details
      • Making inferences
      • Drawing conclusions
    • Vocabulary
      • College-level vocabulary
      • Context clues
      • Synonyms
  • 2 Quantitative Reasoning Sections (math)
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry
    • Pre-calculus
    • High school level statistics and data analysis
  • Writing (essay composition)
    • Essay arguing a random issue
    • Essay analyzing the argument of another author

The GRE, being a standardized test, will have predictable types of questions and materials covered. That’s why we at Livius Prep use official GRE materials to help students prepare. Your practice exercises and homework will parallel what you can expect to address on the GRE itself.

Livius Prep’s program will begin with a diagnostic test to set a baseline, identify strengths and weaknesses, and establish how much progress is needed. When you know the battle you face, you’re motivated to tackle it intently.

The data from this test informs how we implement the GRE program and allows for a targeted approach that wastes little time on elements you’ve already mastered.

If you take the diagnostic test and see little need to prepare intently, that’s great, but if you need help, Livius Prep tutors for our GRE programs all have advanced degrees with practical GRE experience. 

Livius Prep’s GRE Program:

  • 12 sessions over 18 hours
    • 7 sessions devoted to verbal reasoning (reading comprehension and vocabulary) and writing
    • 5 sessions devoted to quantitative reasoning (math)
  • Online or in-person at a tutoring center in Wellesley, Lexington, or Newton, MA
  • 1:1 or small-group based
  • Flexible scheduling depending on when you’ll be taking the test and the time you have available

Private tutors from Livius Prep will help max out your GRE score and gain entry into the graduate program of your choice. Book today with a call to 800-428-8378 or click here to contact us online.