GRE Math Tutor

Prepare for the math portion of the GRE with a tutor from Livius Prep for maximum success!

Make a serious effort toward preparation. Graduate school admission can be difficult to achieve, but with a great score comes open doors. The GRE includes language and math components, and Livius Prep can help with both.

GRE Math TutorThe Quantitative Reasoning portion of the GRE evaluates mathematics. Are you concerned about what this portion of the test will throw your way?

As with any other evaluation based on criteria, prep should begin with understanding those standards. 

The questions in the math section will be posed as realistic scenarios and isolated math problems. Word problems are common in the GRE. 

The four types of questions that you’ll see on the GRE include quantitative comparison questions, multiple-choice questions with one right answer, multiple-choice questions with one or more correct answers, and open-ended questions for a numeric response.

Four Basic Sections of Mathematics on the GRE:

  • Arithmetic
    • Integers
      • Divisibility
      • Factorization
      • Prime numbers
      • Remainders
      • Odd and even
    • Operations
      • Exponents
      • Roots
    • Concepts
      • Estimation
      • Percent
      • Ratio
      • Rate
      • Absolute value
      • Number line
      • Decimal representation
      • Number sequencing
  • Algebra
    • Operations with exponents
    • Factoring and simplifying expressions
    • Functions, equations, and inequalities
    • Linear and quadratic equations and inequalities
    • Simultaneous equations and inequalities
    • Using equations to solve word problems
    • Graphs of functions, equations, inequalities, intercepts, and slope
  • Geometry
    • Parallel and perpendicular lines
    • Circles
    • Triangles
    • Quadrilaterals
    • Other polygons
    • Congruent and similar figures
    • 3-D figures
    • Area
    • Perimeter
    • Volume
    • Pythagorean theorem
    • Angle measurement
  • Data Analysis
    • Basic descriptive statistics
      • Mean
      • Median
      • Mode
      • Range
      • Standard deviation
      • Interquartile range
      • Quartiles
      • Percentiles
    • Interpretation of data
      • Line graphs
      • Bar graphs
      • Circle graphs
      • Box plots
      • Scatter plots
      • Frequency distribution
    • Probability
      • Basic – compound and independent events
      • Conditional
      • Random variables and distributions
    • Counting methods
      • Combinations
      • Permutations
      • Venn diagrams

The math you’ll face on the GRE usually culminates with Algebra II content. You won’t face trig, pre-calc, or calculus on the GRE.

When taking the GRE, you’ll do so on a computer-based module, where you will have a simple calculator on-screen during the math portion of the exam. This basic calculator should be used for complex calculations; don’t waste time using it for elements that can be easily figured out mentally.

GRE Math Prep with Livius Prep

The GRE prep program with Livius Prep consists of 18 hours of specialized tutoring during 12 separate sessions. Seven will concentrate on language, and five will focus on math.

We offer these online or in-person courses at a Livius Prep center in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA, on a one-on-one or small-group basis. Each student’s program will leverage a diagnostic GRE exam at the course’s beginning. No time will be wasted on subjects you’ve already mastered. Instead, we will prioritize the test-taking strategy and review subjects where required.

Livius Prep employs official GRE materials, offers the flexibility of scheduling, and provides tutors with actual experience taking and succeeding on the GRE. Every element needed for preparation is in place and ready for your participation. Take advantage of our expertise as you study for the most important test thus far in your academic career!

A GRE math tutor from Livius Prep will significantly increase your readiness and confidence as you prepare for the test required for application to graduate programs. Explore our program further by calling 800-428-8378 or clicking here to contact us online.