GRE Essay Tutor

Before sitting for the GRE, sit with a Livius Prep tutor to train for the test demands, especially the essay portion.

The GRE examines test takers’ abilities to think critically, compose and analyze arguments, and apply skills. The test includes two language sections, two math sections, and two essays.

GRE Essay Section

GRE Essay TutorThe Issue essay that you’ll face on the GRE should be structured similarly to the five-paragraph essay every high school student learns. The criteria you’ll be evaluated against include your response to instructions, your argument development, and your ability to articulate your thoughts and conclusions.

Guide to the Perfect Issue Essay

Paragraph One – Introduction

Begin this essay by articulating the issue under discussion, followed by the specific position you’ll be arguing within the essay. This thesis will include the three broad support points you’ll discuss in the body paragraphs. 

Paragraph Two – 1st body paragraph

Put your best foot forward by stating your strongest case first. Body paragraphs should include examples and then an analysis of the support. 

Paragraph Three – 2nd body paragraph

Transition into the second reason and provide examples and analysis as you did in the first body paragraph.

Paragraph Four – 3rd body paragraph

The last body paragraph should follow the same pattern as the first two. This last paragraph is the best place to mention a counterargument and then dismantle it. This strategy strengthens your argument.

Paragraph Five – Conclusion

The essay’s last paragraph will mirror the first paragraph, creating a complete bookend. You may expand your ideas in this paragraph to indicate the general importance of the concept.

Tips for a Successful GRE Essay

State Your Argument and Avoid Being Double-Minded – Don’t try to straddle the fence. Choose a side, be clear about its statement, and defend it throughout the essay.

Make It Specific and Make Arguments Clear – Use examples from politics, entertainment, your personal life, or any other source. Ensure they’re relevant to the topic, and then explicitly explain how and why the example supports your argument.

Use Effective Transitions and Active Voice – Declarative statements in active voice add strength to arguments, and transitions used appropriately help the reader connect ideas, particularly cause-effect and consecutive order.

Argue the Opposing Viewpoint – By stating an argument for the opposite of your stance and then refuting it, you strengthen your position.

GRE Structure

The GRE is broken down into the following sections:

  • Verbal reasoning (2 sections) – reading and vocabulary
  • Quantitative reasoning (2 sections) – math
  • Writing (2 sections) – essay composition (issue and analytical)
  • Additional, unscored sections possible (research purposes only)

Livius Prep GRE Program

  • Seven tutoring sessions dedicated to verbal reasoning and writing
    • Reading Comprehension (identifying main ideas, analyzing details, drawing conclusions, and making inferences)
    • Vocabulary (developing college-level vocabulary, context clues, and synonyms)
    • Writing (essay composition – 1 essay making an argument and one responding to the argument of an author)
  • Five tutoring sessions dedicated to quantitative reasoning (math)
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry
    • Pre-calculus
    • Statistics (High-school level)
    • Data analysis
  • In-person (Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA) or online
  • Flexible scheduling depending on the test date and availability
  • Knowledge-based review
  • Test-taking skills
  • Based on diagnostic test results
  • Uses official GRE materials
  • GRE tutors with advanced post-graduate degrees with practical GRE experience

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