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Elevate the likelihood of getting into your first-choice college or university with free SAT tutoring through Livius Prep, either online or in-person in Wellesley, Newton, or Lexington, MA.

Free SAT Tutoring OnlineLivius Prep, a proven source for exam prep, academic tutoring, and college counseling, offers 37 years and one million hours of tutoring experience. We know how to actively engage with students and leverage our methods for targeted instruction.

Our tutors are graduates of the best schools in the US and undergo further training, and our strong customer service staff is dedicated to helping students find a successful schedule.

Fully Preparing for the SAT Test

Livius Prep preparation methods for the SAT are student-driven. We recognize that the SAT exam has challenges that students must learn to overcome, and we provide class-based online tutoring, private online tutoring, and in-person private tutoring to meet individual student needs. We will also provide a best-fit tutor promise to make sure that your tutor appreciates your learning style and personality and works to engage your attention. If a mis-match occurs, we will provide a replacement tutor.

The tutoring that we provide, all programs available, leverage our Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement.

The Methods Used by Livius Prep

Livius 8+ Methodology

  • Step One – Compare the SAT versus the ACT with our FREE Comparison test
  • Step Two – Match the student to the class level or tutor
  • Step Three – Plan an individualized, targeted blueprint for tutoring success
  • Step Four – Enlighten the student with test-taking strategies and skills to overcome the challenges of the exam
  • Step Five – Practice to improve targeted areas and elevate self-confidence
  • Step Six – Challenge students with real-life conditions to lessen anxiety related to test-taking
  • Step Seven – Adapt plan to prioritize targeted areas of study
  • Step Eight – Execute plan on day of exam

After determining that the SAT exam is the route for you, as opposed to the ACT exam, sign up for our FREE Foundations Course. You have nothing to lose. We will provide two online classes led by one of our testing experts, followed by the opportunity to take a live, proctored exam, hosted online. The fee for this seat is $50, and with the opportunity comes valuable data that our team uses to create a ten-page report analyzing results and suggesting targeted strategies and areas for study.

The report will be presented and explained during a meeting with one of our experts, and then you can decide whether to pursue one of our programs or continue study on your own.

The Best SAT Exam Score through Livius Prep

Livius Prep students usually score 215-points higher on the SAT exam after participating in our programs. Make the most of it by actively participating and making good use of the thousands of practice tests and full-length online practice tests we provide online. Set aside the dedication to Snapchat and TikTok long enough to thoroughly prepare for your SAT test.

Over the past decade, Livius Prep students have earned more than 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, over 5,000 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30,000 per student in merit-based scholarship awards.

The free SAT tutoring offered online and in-person from Livius Prep is a powerful starting point for your preparation efforts. Sign up for our FREE Foundations Course today by clicking here.