Free SAT Prep Newton, MA

Testing experts from Livius Prep in Newton, MA can elevate students’ scores on the SAT test with free prep, enhanced confidence, and a clear path forward. Our offerings include online and in-person programs to ensure that every students’ needs are met.

Free SAT Prep Newton, MAThe tutors here at Livius Prep will do a great deal to help students prepare for the SAT. We will model and instruct regarding preparation methods, time management during the test and during study, and provide targeted instruction toward defeating testing challenges.

Our 37 years of experience in the academic arena have produced one million hours of tutoring and counting. The students who participate in programs here earn an average of $30k in merit-based scholarship awards. Additionally, over the past decade, students have scored perfectly on their ACT/SAT tests 1,000+ times, and they’ve gained Ivy League admissions more than 5,000 times. We leverage our proven 8+ Methodology for Test Score Improvement to create and implement the ideal plan for each student and base our instruction on Secrets & Mastering of the SAT.

Targeted Approach to Tutoring

Before signing on to a tutoring program to prepare for the SAT, avail yourself of the FREE services that we offer. They can help identify areas to work on and design a plan for tutoring. We strive to begin from a place of strength to elevate effect. The FREE Comparison test will help students choose between the ACT and SAT, and the FREE Foundations Course will help students understand how to tackle the test.

The optional live, proctored test that follows the Foundations Course costs $50 and provides valuable information regarding areas for targeted study and a plan for future tutoring. We will create and review a ten-page report based upon your performance on the culminating test.

Individual tutoring is ineffective. We match the student to the tutoring and tutor, and the team of tutors here includes testing specialists who understand how to reach students and teach them motivation and accountability.

If you choose one of the programs at Livius Prep, you can opt for either online or in-person courses. Additionally, students who chose to sit for the exam at the end of the Foundations Course will be credited $50 from the cost of the program that they ultimately choose.

Online Prep Essentials offers students 12 hours of live, class-based tutoring as well as access to thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests.

12-Hours Private Online Tutoring provide 12 hours of online tutoring, but it’s one-on-one rather than class-based. It also comes with online access to study tools.

12-Hours Private In-Person Tutoring includes 12 hours of in-person tutoring in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA at one of our facilities.

When you have a choice between online and in-person SAT prep, the decision should rest on student aptitudes. The online options are better suited to students with busy schedules and require flexibility or those who don’t live in the area or have a predictable ride.

Onsite tutoring works well for students who need the active engagement and in-person feedback that’s not possible in a virtual arena.

Households with students facing an SAT exam should sign up for the free Foundations Course from Livius Prep in Newton, MA. This course will provide a strong starting point to begin efficient maximization of SAT test results.