Free SAT Prep Massachusetts

Do well on the upcoming SAT exam with free SAT prep from Livius Prep in Massachusetts. We offer on-site, in-person assistance at our centers in Lexington, Newton, and Wellesley, and we provide online help for all others with our online programs.

Free SAT Prep MassachusettsMore than 37 years in the world of academic assistance have provided the team at Livius Prep with a methodology that produces results. All students are different, with different learning styles and needs. We meet our students as they are, addressing learning deficits and providing test-taking strategies to effectively master the subject studied.

The SAT Exam

The SAT test demonstrates a high school student’s readiness for college participation. Colleges and universities typically consider either of the two college readiness exams, so we offer the ACT/SAT Comparison test to guide students toward the one that best suits their thought processes and abilities. This test is free, and we highly suggest you take advantage of it.

The SAT differs from the ACT in that it tests a smaller area of knowledge but a greater rigor of thought. The exam itself has two sections, as opposed to the ACT’s four sections, and the scoring is cumulative rather than averaged. Each section can range from 200-800, and the final score equals the two combined (400-1600).

Prepare for the SAT Exam with Livius Prep

The starting point for your SAT exam prep is another free course. The Foundations course is online, class-based, and free. It consists of two classes over the course of a single week and provides strategic training for approaching each type of exam question.

At the end of the week, we offer students an opportunity to take a live, proctored, simulated SAT exam for a minimal fee of $50. With the opportunity to take the exam comes the data produced from the effort. Our specialists will take this data and compile a 10-page report with analysis and suggested moves forward. We will arrange for a sit down with one of our experts to review the results and explain all of the options you have.

This point is when students can then determine whether they would like to proceed with self-directed study or participate in one of our SAT Prep courses: Prep Essentials (class-based and online hosted), 12-Hours of Private Online Tutoring, and 12-Hours of Private Tutoring.

All of our programs leverage the Livius 8+ Methodology for Improving Test Scores with a basis in the Mastering & Secrets of the SAT. Our tutors receive a best-fit tutor match as well from our pool of highly trained tutors, most of whom graduated from the most elite colleges and universities in the US.

Livius Prep helps our students improve their SAT scores by an average of 215 points, and in the past ten years, over 1,000 Livius Prep students have scored perfectly on the ACT/SAT. More than 5,000 students of ours have gained admission to Ivy League schools, and each one of our students earn an average of $30k in academic-based awards. The investment in preparation is well worth the costs, regarding money, time, and effort.

For free SAT prep in Massachusetts, come to Livius Prep in Newton, Wellesley, or Lexington, or visit us online for a nationwide reach. Contact us online or by calling (800) 428-8378 with questions about our programs or to secure a place on our schedule.