Free SAT Prep Classes

As college readiness exam season nears, the need for free SAT prep classes grows. Livius Prep programs provide a leveraged system designed for mastery of content and test-taking skills.

Free SAT Prep ClassesHigh SAT scores can be a huge stepping stone to help students in their journey toward their first-choice universities and future careers. While achieving the highest of scores can be difficult, we at Livius Prep provide proven methods to help you work toward it.

Begin Preparation by Understanding the Test Itself

The SAT test consists of two sections, one focuses on language and the other on math. The score of each section can range from 200-800, and the two sections are added together for a final score that may fall anywhere from 400-1600.

Doing well on the test will require a solid understanding of the content and have a knack for tackling the types of questions that the exam poses.

Why Choose Livius Prep

Livius Prep is a proven resource for students who could use a leg up academically. With 30+ years of experience and over one million hours of tutoring provided, we know how to reach students. Our specialties include academic tutoring, college and high school entrance exam prep, and college counseling.

The SAT exam prep course, over the past decade, has helped students increase their SAT scores by an average of 215 points, earn 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, and pocket an average of $30k in academic-based scholarships per student.

The approach that we use is individualized. While our process is standardized, the purpose is to ultimately define how best to target tutoring. It all begins with the ACT/SAT Comparison Test followed by the Foundations program, both of which are FREE.

The Comparison Test is meant to help students determine which of the college readiness exams is better suited to their aptitudes, but if you’ve already decided upon the SAT, head to the SAT FREE Foundations Course from Livius Prep.

The SAT Foundations Course from Livius Prep

The free program consists of two online-hosted, live classes during one week. The class will be led by one of our testing professionals and will provide many of the test-taking strategies that apply to particular types of SAT questions.

Following the one-week of courses, students can choose to take a proctored exam meant to replicate realistic exam conditions. The cost is $50, but the experience results in data for a targeted preparation blueprint and valuable confidence.

The live test produces data that the specialists here at Livius Prep will use to compile a ten-page report. During a meeting with one of our Academic Advisors, we will review the report and provide suggestions for improvement.

Students who proceed with the creation of a targeted tutoring program with Livius Prep will be credited the $50 paid for the proctored test front the cost of the chosen tutoring program.

Livius Prep SAT Exam Tutoring Programs

The three options for tutoring with Livius Prep include the following:

  • Prep Essentials
  • 12-Hours of Online Private Tutoring
  • 12-Hours of In-Center Private Tutoring

Online or in-person, we’ll provide a Best-Fit tutor and leverage our Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement.

Livius Prep provides Free SAT prep classes for students as they prepare to make the best exam score possible. Learn more about this and all of our programs by calling (800) 428-8378.