Free SAT Prep Classes Near Me

Prep for the SAT doesn’t have to be expensive when you take advantage of the free classes Livius Prep offers, and since they’re online, they’re always “near me.” We offer online and in-person services at our centers in Lexington, Newton, and Wellesley, MA.

Free Sat Prep Classes Near MeThe SAT exam is a key piece to any admissions package, especially for the premier colleges and universities within the US. With a stellar score, you can overcome lapses in extracurriculars or imperfect scores in PE, Art, or other classes that send you outside of your comfort zone. Livius Prep can step in with proven tutoring customized to target deficiencies in a student’s knowledge base and test-taking skills.

We bring 37 years and one-million-plus hours of tutoring to the table. Our proven Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement allows us to create and pursue an individualized blueprint for study. Over the past decade, we’ve helped students achieve 1,000+ perfect college readiness exam scores, a 215-point average increase on the SAT, more than 5,000 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30k in academic-based scholarships per student.

The Importance of the SAT Exam

During the competitive process of college admissions, the SAT score can be an equalizer among students from different regions and types of schools. The exam is a single standard to indicate preparedness, making it more objective than other parameters admission boards typically consider. If admission is of the utmost importance to you, a quality score can be the difference between a thick letter or a thin one.

The purpose of the SAT, and the ACT for that matter, is to demonstrate readiness for freshman year of college. This structure of the test examines your ability to take tests, your method of thought, and the breadth of your knowledge base. Cue Livius Prep to identify and fill gaps in each.

The score that you make on the test after participating in comprehensive preparation will indicate your best placement. In some cases, this result might mean remediation, while in others, it will place you in advanced courses.

The Livius Prep Process

When you partner with Livius Prep, you’ll have a leg up. Our tutoring programs can be both online or in-person at one of our locations in Newton, Wellesley, or Lexington, MA. The three course options are Prep Essentials, 12-Hours Online Private Tutoring, and 12-Hours Onsite Private Tutoring.

Before beginning these programs, we invest the time to customize the programs to students’ most substantially weak areas that require improvement. The free Foundations Course will provide a targeted plan as well as on-point techniques for test-taking.

Highlights of the FREE Foundations Course

  • 2 courses, live and online for learning SAT-specific strategies for approaching questions and content
  • Optional live, proctored exam for a fee of $50
  • 10-page report created from results of proctored exam, presented in a sit-down consultation with a testing expert, to demonstrate path forward to targeted tutoring

After completing the free SAT prep classes Livius Prep offers, students can choose online courses that are always “near me” or in-person tutoring at one of our locations in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA. Learn more about all of our programs by contacting us online or calling (800) 428-8378. In addition to college readiness exam prep, we offer exam prep for high school admissions, academic tutoring, and college counseling.