Free SAT Prep Boston, MA

Preparing for the SAT can seem like a full-time pursuit as the date of the exam grows near. It can also seem overly expensive. Livius Prep offers free SAT prep near Boston, MA at our centers in Lexington, Newton, and Wellesley, but we also offer online prep courses for all comers.

Free Sat Prep Boston, MAThirty-seven years of providing and perfecting academic assistance drive the work of Livius Prep. Reach out to our customer service staff to plan an individual program that will work well for the particular student. The score that you make on the SAT has a hugely determinative impact on your future, influencing admissions, scholarships, and placements. Completion of our programs produces an average 215-point increase on the SAT exam.

Our well-established and proven Livius 8+ Methodology for Test Score Improvement allows us to design and pursue an individual program of tutoring.

  • Compare – SAT vs. ACT
  • Match – best fit for your tutor or class level depending on the program chosen
  • Plan – personalized blueprint for improvement
  • Enlighten – strategies and skill building for test-taking and filling gaps in learning
  • Practice – targeted for limited time wasted and biggest return for effort
  • Challenge – practical practice scenarios
  • Adapt – prioritize the most important spaces for study
  • Execute – plan for test date

Key Reasons to Choose Livius Prep Tutoring

If you’re looking for reasons to choose Livius Prep, consider our stats. We have over 37 years and one million tutoring sessions of successful academic tutoring as experience, and in the past decade alone, over 1,000 of our students have scored perfectly on the ACT/SAT, over 5,000 of our students have gained admission into the Ivy League, and most students average $30k in academic-based scholarships.

Consider that last number when you think prep service is expensive. Excellent preparation for the SAT can repay dividends in scholarship funds, shorter time spent in university, and less disappointment in admissions.

The Livius Prep Method Works

The courses at Livius Prep begin with a plan. Our free Foundations Course can help design this plan. The course covers the span of two online classes over a week’s time, and at the end, students can choose to pay $50 for a live, proctored exam.

The results of the exam help our experts create a blueprint for tutoring for the individual student. This targeted training plan can then guide your preparation efforts whether you choose to continue with one of our programs or on your own.

If you choose one of our programs, you’ll enjoy the professional efforts of a Livius Prep tutor. Each tutor works with us for a seven year average and matriculates from the most prestigious schools in the country. The best-fit tutor promise will provide a tutor that works with your personality and learning style.

Whether you choose Prep Essentials, the online, class-based approach, Online Private Tutoring, or In-Person Private Tutoring, you can be sure to receive targeted, dedicated, and efficient assistance.

The Livius Prep catalog also includes academic tutoring and college counseling.

Livius Prep SAT programs are available on a free and paid basis, both online and in-person near Boston in Lexington, Newton, or Wellesley, MA. The methodology that we use paired with best-fit tutors and curriculum allows students to elevate their college-readiness exam scores and open doors to their futures. Click here to schedule your Foundation program participation today.