Free SAT Practice Test

The SAT is a milestone event in one’s academic life. The outcome of this exam has a substantial effect on your higher education, financial aid for this education, and future career opportunities. Livius Prep provides a plethora of SAT practice products and services including a Free Comparison Test and Foundations Course.

About Livius Prep

Free SAT Practice TestThe Livius Prep method of test score improvement leverages our research- and experience-based process. We have over 37 years in the academic improvement industry and are fully prepared to instruct regarding test-taking skills, overcoming learning deficits, and helping students develop self-motivation.

The Free SAT vs. ACT Comparison Exam

The SAT and ACT exams are both college readiness exams, meant to demonstrate a student’s preparation status for higher learning, and the scores are generally used to determine admissions, scholarships, and course placement. Most colleges and universities accept either exam, so determining which one is better for your particular aptitudes is quite helpful. For this reason, we offer the Comparison Test for free.

After taking the Comparison Test, our testing experts will go over your results and provide you with feedback. This feedback offers three distinct advantages:

  • The better exam for you to take – either the SAT or ACT
  • The nine key areas that you should target for the best possible score
  • The testing traps that are catching you, as demonstrated by your performance

The Free Foundations Course from Livius Prep

The Foundations Course from Livius Prep provides students with strategies and tips for overcoming the challenges posed by the SAT exam. The course consists of two sessions over the span of one week. Each session is hosted online and directed by a testing expert.

At the end of the course, we offer students the opportunity to sit in for a proctored exam, live and online, for a $50 fee.

Following the practice test, Livius Prep will provide you with still more feedback. We will provide a 10-page report, as well as a conference to review the material. This report will provide a clear strategy for test improvement that students can use to define their further preparations.

Should students choose to prepare with tutoring from Livius Prep, the $50 testing fee will be credited to the costs of the sessions.

Livius Prep SAT Prep Programs

  • Prep Essentials – 12 Hours of Online Classroom, Interactive Instruction + Online Essentials (thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests)
  • 12 Hours Online Private Tutoring + Online Essentials
  • 12 Hours In-Center Private Tutoring + Online Essentials

Over the course of 37 years, Livius Prep has developed success-driven methods to help students earn the scores, grades, and outcomes they desire. Our efforts, over the past decade, have helped students earn 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT scores, 2,500+ admissions into Ivy League universities, and an average of $30k of merit-based scholarships.

Our curriculum and tutors are some of the best available. We hire graduates from the best institutions of higher learning, and we offer training to further help tutors individualize tutoring instruction to the student.

Are you at a standstill with your SAT preparation, searching for a quality and free practice test? Livius Prep has the solution. We offer products and services for every budget. Sign up today for our FREE ACT/SAT Comparison Test, our FREE Foundations Program, or another tutoring course.